Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Wish List: Lindy's Picks!!

Today's Wednesday Wish List is a GUEST POST by the one and only, Lindy! I am going out of town again this weekend, and she wanted a chance to interject with some style tips before I left. Without further adieu, I'll let her take over from here...

Instead of doing the usual staying home this weekend [cat-sitting] while Kelli flits off to SF to visit her dreamboat, I will actually be going on a little trip of my own.  My destination?  Las Vegas.  I know when most people think of Las Vegas, they imagine bandage dresses, gambling, and over priced cocktails.  I, however, think SHOPPING.  Let’s be honest, Las Vegas has some of the best shopping in the world. I cannot wait to spend my hard earned pennies updating my spring wardrobe. Here are a few things I am currently on the lookout for:

I’ve been ogling this Coach Classic for a few weeks now and I have landed on the decision that it equals a prime investment.  First, it allows you to partake in the Rainbow-Bright color trend of this season without completely breaking your bank.  Secondly, a good classic never goes out of style. This is a bag you could pull out of your closet for years and not be disappointed.
Bright colored jeans, obviously.  Who doesn’t want a pair of these right now? I am a huge fan of these J.Crew ones, however there are numerous options out there to match any budget.  I am so excited to own a pair of these that I cannot even begin to decide what color I want. 
Lastly, every spring/summer wardrobe is not complete without the perfect sandal.  In taking a cue from my icon, Kate Middleton, this neutral pair spotted on Piperlime is the perfect solution.  These are a little more spendy than I usually prefer for a sandal- however they will match anything in your closet, as well as have the ability to be a little bit fancy or casual.  In my book this means they essentially pay for themselves. 

Be on the lookout of what I end up actually purchasing in Las Vegas, as Kelli will borrow it all.

Lindy is Kelli's best friend, roommate, personal chef, and now... occasional contributor to Leopard and Lavender. She was born in California and raised in Washington, but Idaho lured her in. She enjoys cats, PBRs, fashion, reading, and yoga. She also puts up with Kelli's shenanigans on a daily basis, which is nice, as Kelli gets into a lot of shenanigans. Please give her a warm welcome so she'll continue guest posting! 


  1. The coloured skinny is on the top of my list too. You're right, there are too many to choose from - but I've got my eye on pastel pink and mint :)


  2. Great post Lindy! I can't wait to go shopping with her!


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