Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bon Voyage!!

Holy Macaroni, I'm going on vacation! An actual vacation!

Bright and early tomorrow [can anyone say 5AM?], my bags will be packed and I'll be hittin' the road with my dad + step mom. First stop, Las Vegas. Then, onward to Long Beach for a wedding. Then, a weekend at Disneyland... UMM. I'VE NEVER BEEN TO DISNEYLAND. HELLO. And then a [very] quick stop in my favorite place, San Francisco. And finally, of course, home again. As you know, I travel a lot [but rarely for such a fun and expansive adventure!!]-- for a reminder of my TRAVEL TIPS [and what one may call, a good laugh], click here.

I have lined up some of my FAVORITE bloggers to guest post for you while I'm away. I think you'll really love the posts- and find some new favorite blogs [if you don't know & love them already...], so be sure to check in to see what fun content is happening around these parts.

If you want- you can follow my fun trip a few different ways [because you KNOW I'll be documenting it].

Or, find me on Instagram. My user name is kelliryder.

Welp. Without further adieu... Seeeeee ya later!


  1. Have fun!!

  2. hope you have fun on vacation! i'm taking a mini one at the end of the week and i can't wait :)

  3. Have so much fun on your trip! I am super jealous! I have never been to S.F.!!! Gonna follow on Instagram now!!


  4. I'll be driving to Vegas tomorrow too and then to Phoenix for a wedding. Maybe I'll see you on the road:) I hope you have a blast Kelli!

  5. Wooo hoooo have so much fun!! Can't wait to follow along ;)


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