Friday, May 11, 2012

Tips from a Professional Wedding Guest [Lindy].

Hi everyone! This weekend, I am in beautiful Priest Lake, Idaho for a wedding. I don't know if you were aware, but my BFF Lindy is a professional wedding guest and/or participant [of the bridal party variation, not the everlasting commitment to love variation. Important difference]. Here are her tips for attending the most important day of other people's lives: 

Kelli and I often sit around and debate over our favorite season.  She loves Summer where I personally prefer Fall (what can I say, I love to layer).  But there is a “season” that we both happen to enjoy, and that is wedding season.  This ‘season’ (referenced in Wedding Crashers) is the time of year from mid-May through September where pretty much every weekend on my Choctaw Nation calendar is marked with someone’s big day.  Now, I am not sure what it is about me- but I get invited to a lot of weddings. And,not only am I invited to a lot of them- I am IN a lot of them.  In 2010 I was a bridesmaid 3 times in 6 it’s no Katherine Heigel  in 27 Dresses but it’s impressive.  Since Kelli is currently out of town attending a wedding, she has asked me, the ‘professional wedding guest,’ to share my wisdom which may help lockdown some future invites:

Dress.  Now there are many things to consider when attending a wedding (location, weather, what you wore to the previous week’s wedding) however you never know when a last minute invite is going to pop up.  I recommend a go to dress.  Mine is black and from Banana Republic similar to this. You get the idea.  Little black dress = always looking awesome and many chances to accessorize.
Shoes.  Ladies, let’s be honest- dancing in heels all night DOES NOT really happen in real life.  Be smart bring some flip flops.  Does it look awesome?  No.  But nothing is worse than being sidelined by your 4 inch stilettos.  

Placement.  There are many important moments at a wedding and they go in this order: when drinks are served, when food is served, when dancing begins, and the bouquet toss.  For the first three it is imperative to linger so that you are one of the firsts in line or first on the dance floor.  Now for the BT, this is the dreaded moment for any single girl.  Everytime I hear “Single Ladies” by Beyonce it literally makes me want to cut off my own ears.  However you have two options:  either run to the bathroom (and risk the DJ calling your name over the mic) OR embrace it, like so: 
Do your research.  I mean nothing is worse than looking like a wannabe bridesmaid by showing up in a frock the exact same color.  Rule of thumb, if the color is on the invite don’t wear it.
 Fancy footwork aka dancing. Dances to skip: anything by Cool and the Gang, Chicken Dance.
 Dances to never miss: The Cha Cha Slide (if you don’t know it, look it up) or the Cupid Shuffle.

Food. Always get seconds, always be sure to weasel your way in directly behind the bridal party.
Speeches.  Under no circumstances make a voluntary toast.  If you are required to toast, under no circumstances try to be funny.  It’s not worth the embarrassment of no one laughing. 

Gift. I always mail it directly, trying to wrestle your way to gift table in a crowded reception hall... STRESSFUL. 
Photos.  If you are a guest, try to get in as many photos as possible so the bride and groom remember how fun you are.  If you are a plus one, then by all means avoid the camera.  You never want to be mistaken for a wedding crasher.

Exiting.  Personally I never leave a party early, so just keep on dancing until the DJ kicks you out.


  1. love your tip for not looking like a wannabe bridesmaid - so embarressing! yikes!

  2. Excellent post! My wedding is in two weeks, any tips for the bride?

    1. Sadly, Hanna... we do not. We are excellent (and I mean excellent) guests- but I don't know how we'll do for the bride part. ;)

  3. hello beautiful just discovered your blog, I love your style, you have a new follower.

    I invite you to meet my blog.

    A big hug, PersonalStyle.

    1. thank you! I can't wait to check it out!

  4. Looks like sooo much fun! Love the last pic!

    ox from NYC!