Monday, May 21, 2012

What a Weekend PLUS Last Day to Enter!!

L&L Coffee
My favorite part about weekends in Boise is making a cup of coffee with my Keurig and starting the morning slow. So nice to be able to take that time and prepare for the day.

L&L Treat
Lindy and I decided we deserved some treats. :)

L&L Roxy
 I had a little blogging buddy on Saturday. So sweet of Roxanne to snuggle up as I worked. [for those wondering, the apps used on this picture are Instagram and PicFX]

L&L Lindy
Lindy and I rode our bikes to get [even more] treats. I snapped this in front of the capitol building in Boise. I really, and I mean REALLY, love this city.

L&L FroYo
I can never decide if I want fruity or chocolatey when I get frozen yogurt... SO half and half is good for me!!

L&L Eclipse
On the ride home, we forgot about the whole eclipse thing. LOL, I'm entirely blind now. BRB guys, I'm riding to the sun!! Aside from my damaged vision, I was stoked to get some cool pics of me and my bike!

It was a great weekend and went by entirely too fast...
ALSO, don't forget... Today is your LAST DAY to enter the Stella + Dot giveaway. Enter HERE to win the cute bee brooch below!!

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  1. I need your bike now, I've been in need of a new bike for the longest time now! What brand is it?


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