Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's Polka.

top Anthropologie [similar] skirt Unknown [similar] shoes Target

I am really trying to combine my actual daily style with my imagination. Remember how I said once that I am always dressed really great IN MY MIND, but in reality I am in jeans, ballet flats, and a v-neck? Well, times are a changin' folks. I spend so much time dreaming up cute outfits, but when it comes time to clothe this bod I just go for the basics. I am sick and tired of it, and am forcing myself to wear those outfit ideas right on out the front door.

While this particular outfit isn't anything groundbreaking, I felt pretty pumped about it. Polka dots, a SKIRT, and I still got to wear my normal shoesies. Not a bad little transition.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bubbles & Baubles.

Last night I hosted a little Stella & Dot party at mine and Lindy's place. I did my very best to be a good hostess [re: Pinterest] but since I am a little bit lazy, I kept things simple. Treats, champers with sorbet, and treats. It was so fun to see my friends, sip some bubbly, and try on all the baubles!

Guests also had the chance to "shop my house," AKA I am preparing for a huge yard sale and getting rid of tons of clothes and home decor. I wanted my friends to have first dibs... I always feel better about getting rid of my "treasures" when I know the recipients will love them. But let's be honest, the star of the show was Stella & Dot... even Lily Cat was busy picking out her favorite jewels:

Isn't she a precious little shopper?!

Don't forget, if you make a Stella & Dot jewelry purchase by Saturday using THIS LINK, you'll be entered to win the adorable little arrow necklace here. Good luck :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Say Yes to the Dress.

I am a long time fan of ASOS and could spend my entire life just clicking through the pages [and pages and pages] of gorgeous clothing and accessories. I so admire this shop because they have something for every budget [or lack of budget] and such a huge variety of styles. Any time I am searching for something specific, this is my go-to site because I'm always certain I'll find exactly what piece I made up in my head. ASOS makes dreams come true, I guess. 

So, one thing that I seriously am longing for is NEW SUMMER DRESSES. Oh mylanta, I feel like I have maybe 3 total right now. Summer dresses are the easiest staple you can add to your closet, and the dresses at ASOS can take your style down so many different routes. I love finding that perfect dress, and then building an entire look around it:

I'm obsessed with these stripes. Obsessed. This whole outfit looks entirely put-together, like you spent decades getting ready... when really the dress is doing all the work for you. Some comfy sandals, a gorgeous clutch? Low and behold, you're suddenly the belle of the ball and you didn't even know it. I am thinking this dress is a must have for my closet this July. 

Dress // Bag // Shoes // Earrings // Ring // Ring // Bracelet This Ted Baker neutral dress? OH my gosh, you guys, I don't even know where to begin. So classic and chic. The bow in back AND the bows on your  little toesies with those flats? Heavy sigh, I'm so in love. I mean, can I afford the vintage Chanel? Obviously, no. But doesn't it look dreamy with this dress? No question. Such a classy look stemmed from one little frock.

SO, I think at this point we can all agree that the dresses at ASOS are just what we all need to amplify our wardrobes. So cute and so many choices. LOVE. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Heart Summer.

L&L Hearts

L&L Hearts

L&L Hearts

L&L Hearts

L&L Details

L&L Clutch

L&L Clutch
sunglasses Forever21 top J.Crew shorts J.Crew shoes Seychelles [old, but THESE yellow Seychelles are adorable] clutch BCBG pearls Vintage

Man, Boise summers are to die for. First, of course, because of the scorching heat that makes you want to die. But second... because they are just so gorgeous. Blue skies for months at a time. One might say I heart Boise summers. So much that I wore a top with hearts on it to show my love, or that you know...  when it comes to Boise summers I wear my heart on my sleeve. Yes, I'm a little nuts these days, go with it. I paired my heart top with my new favorite jorts from J.Crew, a vintage pearl necklace [scored from my mom's hand-me-downs], and some amazing Seychelles pumps that Lindy gave me [thanks Linderson].

I also toted along my favorite clutch from BCBG. It was one of my first purchases after my year of no shopping, and is one of my very favorite accessories. Thank goodness recycling and going-green is still in AKA this clutch still is a great joke. And I just love jokes.

[For the record, I don't ever expect recycling to be "out." Also, THANK YOU THANK YOU to my sweet dad for taking these photos!! 

Monday, June 25, 2012


How do you feel about raffles? I personally just love them. In fact, if an event says there is a raffle- I GO, no question. Because of my love slash obsession for raffles, I am holding one for you c/o Stella & Dot!

So, this raffle is really quite simple. If you purchase ANYTHING through THIS Stella & Dot link during the next week, you will be entered to win this coveted "On The Mark" arrow necklace. AHHH, I die. I wish I could win it myself!! [I can't... which means your chances have sky rocketed.]
As you know, I'm a pretty big fan of Stella & Dot and as I was perusing their site earlier, I noticed a ton of stuff on MAH-JOR sale. So, take a browse... see what strikes your fancy, and hopefully you'll be the winner of the necklace!

Again, to enter the contest- simply make a purchase through THIS LINK by next Saturday, and you're automatically qualified. Good luck :)

***IN ADDITION, those of you in the Boise area who are interested in attending a Stella & Dot trunk show [AKA a par-tay] this WEDNESDAY... email me for details!!**

Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend Uniform.

shirt Old Navy shorts Forever21 shoes Sam Edelman bag Old Navy glasses Forever21 

I am so predictable. Cut offs, chambray, leopard print flats. What can I say, I know what I like [and apparently I have no problem wearing it on repeat]. This outfit is my ideal weekend uniform! Okay, I must admit... the shorts are about 6 inches shorter than I'd prefer. I grabbed them at F21 last year when I wanted white "bottoms" that were less than $15- you know, in case of spills, stains, huge disasters, etc. No need to spend a fortune on something that could be ruined in less than 2 seconds. These fit the bill!

 As I've gotten older, I must say... the allure of the "short shorts" has finally gone away. When I was a baby [age 18 or so], I had no problem wearing shorts the size of a dishcloth. I literally have no idea what I was thinking. But, since I'm on a budget and can't go get the longer version- these will just have to do this summer. Next year, though, I'll think I'll spring for some white pants.

This weekend is filled with nothing but chores for me... or so it seems. Wah wah. I hope all of you have plans that blow mine right out of the water!! 

And, as a very important end note... I'd like to wish Miss Jen a very, very happy birthday! She is one of L&L's biggest supporters and one of my very oldest friends. I hope all of your birthday wishes come true :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coffee Table.

I have always been a fan of coffee table books + decor. Growing up, my coffee table was full of National Geographic books and Smithsonian magazine. That was pretty cool and all, but I'm into clothes and jokes... not so much history or plants. Sigh, I know, I'm ridiculous. Since becoming an "adult" [term used loosely, there], I've thoroughly enjoyed diving into the world of decorating. What I love most about decorating the coffee table is that it can be arranged and rearranged as many times as you'd like. It is ever changing, much like my tastes and OCD habits. This is what is nesting on my coffee table these days.... all of my favorites.

While it is a nice showcasing of my style, it also is helpful if I have friends over. I'm often running inexplicably late and it is nice for them to have something to look at while I am doing who knows what. Are you a fan of using your coffee table for decor, or is yours strictly functional?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WWL: Swimmie-suits & Sunnies.

First of all, I wanted to mention that I am guest posting over at one of my favorite blogs- The Brunette One. What an honor! Make your way over and check it out if you can!

Next, today's topic is about my most favorite season, SUMMER. The weather has been getting oh-so-nice, and I have been stuck inside. Wahhhh! I want some pool time ASAP. Since it doesn't appear any chlorine is in my near future... I decided instead to focus my daydreams Wednesday Wish List on my favorite summer essentials... swimmie-suits and sunnies!

As I've gotten older... it has occurred to me that more coverage probably isn't a bad thing. I used to have no problem in teeny-weeny-bikinis, but 9,000 slices of pizza later... maybe I could be a bit more modest, for everyone's sake. Since I'm not quite ready for a one-piece, I think this bikini from Mara Hoffman is the ticket:
You're not TOO covered, but don't really have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction either. Phew.

On the sunnie side... I feel like there are tons of cute styles out right now. But there is something to be said for a classic black pair of shades, like these from Gucci:
Meeeeow, can't go wrong with a cat eye, am I right??

So, full disclosure: I had like... 9 more swimmie-suits picked out, and at least 12 other pairs of sunnies. But I am trying REALLY HARD to not shop or spend. Creating a huge style board full of items I will likely never own? Rough. In fact, spending any time at all visiting my favorite e-retailers sounded just like a regular nightmare. Ahhh, the tragedies and tortures of blogging. So, I manned up and went with top 2 and featured them all by their lonesomes. Perhaps when I'm feeling less sorry for my thrifty self... I'll upload the rest... because alas, they were lovely.

I hope Wednesday is treating you all well, and don't forget to go check out my guest post at The Brunette One!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shop My Closet!

When I told you yesterday that I had a productive weekend, THIS IS WHAT I MEANT. I basically locked myself in my living room from Saturday afternoon to the wee hours of Sunday morning and photographed TONS of my clothes, shoes, and bags... which is now all marked for sale! If you follow me on Twitter, you likely saw my complaints tweets about my HUGE closet purge. I have always had the luxury of walk in closets, so I've never needed to get rid of anything. I hit a wall and realized I was holding onto tiny tank tops from high school. 

I ended up donating around 6 bags of clothing. SIX. That is nearly an episode of hoarders, people. I am embarrassed and sorry. But what I am not sorry about is that there were a lot of great things that I just felt like I don't need right now. Maybe I only wore it once, maybe I bought it a size too small in hopes I'd shrink... whoops. I didn't feel right donating it- so instead I am featuring it all on Threadflip.
Threadflip is an ah-maz-ing new website that allows you to sell [or "flip"] your clothes to other fashionistas. You photograph it, price it, and they take care of the rest. If someone decides they want to purchase something, Threadflip sends the seller pre-labeled box. GENIUS. The seller pops the item in the box, passes it off to the post office, and bazinga- the beautiful piece of clothing has a loving new home.

I am all about this. I love my clothes. I don't want all of my clothes to end up in a $2 bin at a thrift store only to be recycled into paper or something. I want my clothes to go to a new, loving home where they will be loved by someone who will give them a better life than I did. Here is a small sampling of my currently listed items:

What I was most pleased about is how easy the uploading process was. It is super user friendly, and they have a new iPhone App that makes it even easier! Like I said, this is just a few of the items available [I was up until the wee hours, after all]. Of course, you'll have to visit my store to purchase or see the rest.

I would also encourage all of YOU to start your own Threadflip account! When someone purchases an item, you can cash out... OR you can hold onto it as an "in-store credit" of sorts. Use it for some shopping of your own. And if YOU create and list some of your stuff... I can use MY credit to get it and boom, we both have a stylish new wardrobe! If you create an account [or already have one], be sure to let me know so I can take a look get shopping ASAP!

Monday, June 18, 2012

What a Weekend.

And so return the usual "What a Weekend" posts. Let's begin:

Lindy had a plane to catch, so we made sure to get some bestie time in before she left. Margaritas and guac at The Matador. Portland & Seattle, you folks have one of these as well. GO. Now! No time to waste!

Endless pink peonies at the Saturday market. I was on bike so I couldn't buy them ALL. 

Leopard & lavender... or at least bright purple! My bike is basically my BFF. So fun!

For Father's Day, my dad and I had lunch and strolled through a car show. 

He has an old truck quite similar to this one, so he had to get a good peak at the interior. PS, how great is his new shirt? My step-mom got it for him and he looked quite dashing. I sure love that dad of mine!!

Ending the PRODUCTIVE weekend with a well earned Corona and lime. 

Did you guys have a great weekend??

Friday, June 15, 2012

Make that Mani Last!

Hey friends! Happy Friday! I can't believe this week has flown by. WHOA. That is pretty thrilling, if you're asking me, which you're reading my blog, so I feel like you're asking.

So, today's post is both a peak into my personal life and a bit of beauty advice. I have a confession. I am a polish picker. The second I notice my manicure starting to lift or peel, I feel like I CANNOT REST until I've removed picked every speck of polish. The result is disgusting. It is a nightmare.

So I've developed a genius common-sense plan to handle it. The second that I notice the polish starting to chip away, I immediately trim my nails [on my nails, the polish always chips at the end... or starts peeling backwards]. Trimming cuts past the part that is turning worthless.

THEN, my loves, I just coat it in glitter. I mean, COAT IT. In this instance, I used Butter London's West End Wonderland, and really know, covered every inch. The glitter seeps into the grow-out area [and in my sloppy case, my skin], it seals any chips- but it also allows the previous color to show through. It is  like getting two manicures for the price of one. You get your plain boring one [try to paint that on Sunday], and then BOOM- just in time for the weekend, make each finger into a disco ball.

Could a three year old have thought of this plan? Yes. Could they have executed it a little neater than I did? Yes. But the thing is, sometimes you look at that chipping polish and just continue picking at it.... OR, sometimes, you think "hey, I really don't want to start from scratch. Let's just cover this up with gold."

I beieve it is called "gilding," and you are most welcome.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Edith Mary Ryder / May 29, 1918-June 14, 2009

I often times can sit down at my laptop, fingers typing at lightening speed, words filling the page. For some reason, I can't do that now. I think it is because I know that what I want to say is so profoundly important to my heart and that jokes just aren't going to cut it. In fact, I've been sitting here for awhile, not sure how to get what is in my mind translated into actual words. 

The photograph is of my gorgeous grandmother, Edith. She was the most wonderful grandma [and I've got 11 cousins who will tell you the very same thing.] She taught me how extraordinary life is- that each day is to be filled with joy. My grandma lived her life with such zest. I can remember so many specific instances when she entered a room, and it actually got brighter. Not in the cliche sense, but truly... she was the sun. Most importantly, she taught me to laugh- not just out loud, but with every part of me succumbing to this belly laugh until everyone in the room can't help but laugh either. Laughing with Grandma so much made me who I am.

I vividly remember afternoons of my childhood spent at her home. We, of course, would have to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. But before that, I would play in her room, in awe of her jewelry and perfume and fabulous coats and purses. She loved to tell me about occasions when she wore specific items, or when they were purchased. Every piece had a story, and each story ended in laughter... that much I know. She would often do my nails... it was always the same shade of light pink by Revlon. She would laugh at how she always missed the very far side of the nail- one spot I always miss too. And every time I see the bare spot of fingernail, I think of her and sitting at her kitchen table... drinking lemonade and getting my nails done while we listened to Dr. Laura. 

I like to look at old photos of her, like the one above, and marvel at her beauty and style. But I think it is so much more than that. An excerpt from her obituary can say so well what she encompassed and what I think each day:

"Edith Ryder is the best example we know of all that made this country great, and she lived a life to which we all should aspire. Her joy, her gracious smile, her faith and the love she gave to her family are her values and our values. Our memories of her generosity and caring spirit will always live on as we honor a woman who each day reached for no other power than a life of joy, grace and service to others, a life reflecting the love of Jesus Christ." 

Missing someone is a strange thing. Some days, entirely out of the blue, something will trigger a memory and I'll miss her so much more than I ever thought I could miss someone. But then, I'll continue thinking about all of the memories and lessons and how full of a life she had... and my sadness will turn into a joy. A joy for simply knowing someone so truly wonderful. 

Thank you for letting me share :)

[Last year, I wrote a longer post about her [on my old blog]. It includes more photographs of her impeccable style. You can see it here.] 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Busy Girl's Brunch

You all know I am busy. But you also know, I am obsessed with brunch. Two B's. Good and evil. Hmmm. Where am I taking this...

Okay, okay. Today, I'll be teaching you all how to have a "busy girl's brunch." That's right, I'll show you how to create a quick brunch so you spend less time cooking and more time brunching! Bazinga! The catch?? I'm guest posting over at Christine's blog: Hello Fashion.

L&L brunch

To see the full post- CLICK HERE!! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Instagram Jam.

1. The one that got away. The Zara dress I should have bought on the spot... but didn't.
2. Sunglasses and smooches with my favorite.
3. Me and my dad at DISNEYLAND!
4. Priest Lake, ID
5. Courtney cruising in style.
6. My little bee from Stella & Dot hanging out.
7. Friendship bracelets... choices, choices.
8. Brunching with Lindy on the porch.
9. Nail check! Charming by Revlon.
10. Minted by Revlon.
11. PLEASE do not tell me what to do!
12. My Joe's Jeans for a wild night out.
13. BBQ by the pool at my dad's.
14. The greeting for the BBQ.... Hello!

Instagram seems to be the only thing I have time energy to keep up with these days. Here are a few of my favorite snapshots. If you have an iPhone or Droid- follow along! My username is kelliryder.