Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coffee Table.

I have always been a fan of coffee table books + decor. Growing up, my coffee table was full of National Geographic books and Smithsonian magazine. That was pretty cool and all, but I'm into clothes and jokes... not so much history or plants. Sigh, I know, I'm ridiculous. Since becoming an "adult" [term used loosely, there], I've thoroughly enjoyed diving into the world of decorating. What I love most about decorating the coffee table is that it can be arranged and rearranged as many times as you'd like. It is ever changing, much like my tastes and OCD habits. This is what is nesting on my coffee table these days.... all of my favorites.

While it is a nice showcasing of my style, it also is helpful if I have friends over. I'm often running inexplicably late and it is nice for them to have something to look at while I am doing who knows what. Are you a fan of using your coffee table for decor, or is yours strictly functional?


  1. I love coffee table books! I think they are just so fun, and its nice for your guests to come over and oooo and awww over them.


  2. I really like this and it's so cute how you have the little nail polish on top too, I can totally relate to that. I'm a fan of coffee table decor, but too often it's overflowing with magazines. I need to aim to keep it more like yours. Really cute post



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