Friday, June 15, 2012

Make that Mani Last!

Hey friends! Happy Friday! I can't believe this week has flown by. WHOA. That is pretty thrilling, if you're asking me, which you're reading my blog, so I feel like you're asking.

So, today's post is both a peak into my personal life and a bit of beauty advice. I have a confession. I am a polish picker. The second I notice my manicure starting to lift or peel, I feel like I CANNOT REST until I've removed picked every speck of polish. The result is disgusting. It is a nightmare.

So I've developed a genius common-sense plan to handle it. The second that I notice the polish starting to chip away, I immediately trim my nails [on my nails, the polish always chips at the end... or starts peeling backwards]. Trimming cuts past the part that is turning worthless.

THEN, my loves, I just coat it in glitter. I mean, COAT IT. In this instance, I used Butter London's West End Wonderland, and really know, covered every inch. The glitter seeps into the grow-out area [and in my sloppy case, my skin], it seals any chips- but it also allows the previous color to show through. It is  like getting two manicures for the price of one. You get your plain boring one [try to paint that on Sunday], and then BOOM- just in time for the weekend, make each finger into a disco ball.

Could a three year old have thought of this plan? Yes. Could they have executed it a little neater than I did? Yes. But the thing is, sometimes you look at that chipping polish and just continue picking at it.... OR, sometimes, you think "hey, I really don't want to start from scratch. Let's just cover this up with gold."

I beieve it is called "gilding," and you are most welcome.


  1. Haha I'm also a chronic nail picker. I just CANNOT help myself. Nail chips are especially distracting at work - may need to start keeping a bottle of glitter polish on my desk!!


  2. This is a GREAT idea!!! I am obsessed with gold glitter polish at the moment. My nails however are beyond the just starting to chip zone and well into holy hot mess territory. I'll be re-vamping each little digit tonight before a pool party. Gold glitter + neon pink = Instant party :) Cheers Kelli.

  3. I love this!! such common sense yet we do not think about it!!! I love that color butter too!! amazing!


  4. thats a great idea bc i'm the exact same way! (esp with neon polishes since they chip so easily!!)
    xoxo, jillian

  5. I can't help but pick too, it drives my boyfriend mental!

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  7. LOVE that gold color.... a while ago you posted about a lovely periwinkle shade of polish that you picked up in Vegas (I think...). What was it called?? I can't find the post.
    Thanks darling!

  8. This cracks me up! Love this plan.

    xoxo, Emily


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