Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shop My Closet!

When I told you yesterday that I had a productive weekend, THIS IS WHAT I MEANT. I basically locked myself in my living room from Saturday afternoon to the wee hours of Sunday morning and photographed TONS of my clothes, shoes, and bags... which is now all marked for sale! If you follow me on Twitter, you likely saw my complaints tweets about my HUGE closet purge. I have always had the luxury of walk in closets, so I've never needed to get rid of anything. I hit a wall and realized I was holding onto tiny tank tops from high school. 

I ended up donating around 6 bags of clothing. SIX. That is nearly an episode of hoarders, people. I am embarrassed and sorry. But what I am not sorry about is that there were a lot of great things that I just felt like I don't need right now. Maybe I only wore it once, maybe I bought it a size too small in hopes I'd shrink... whoops. I didn't feel right donating it- so instead I am featuring it all on Threadflip.
Threadflip is an ah-maz-ing new website that allows you to sell [or "flip"] your clothes to other fashionistas. You photograph it, price it, and they take care of the rest. If someone decides they want to purchase something, Threadflip sends the seller pre-labeled box. GENIUS. The seller pops the item in the box, passes it off to the post office, and bazinga- the beautiful piece of clothing has a loving new home.

I am all about this. I love my clothes. I don't want all of my clothes to end up in a $2 bin at a thrift store only to be recycled into paper or something. I want my clothes to go to a new, loving home where they will be loved by someone who will give them a better life than I did. Here is a small sampling of my currently listed items:

What I was most pleased about is how easy the uploading process was. It is super user friendly, and they have a new iPhone App that makes it even easier! Like I said, this is just a few of the items available [I was up until the wee hours, after all]. Of course, you'll have to visit my store to purchase or see the rest.

I would also encourage all of YOU to start your own Threadflip account! When someone purchases an item, you can cash out... OR you can hold onto it as an "in-store credit" of sorts. Use it for some shopping of your own. And if YOU create and list some of your stuff... I can use MY credit to get it and boom, we both have a stylish new wardrobe! If you create an account [or already have one], be sure to let me know so I can take a look get shopping ASAP!


  1. Going to check out your shop right NOW!!


  2. I was just on there and someone bought your great BCBG Dress! Thanks for sharing... I'm in the mood for a new pair of shades ;>

  3. What a GREAT website idea!

    xoxo, Emily

  4. I was so happy to come across this and find!! Sample Statements


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