Friday, June 1, 2012

Gossett Wedding.

Last Saturday, I was at the the Newland House in Huntington Beach, CA for my cousin Andy's wedding. I am no wedding expert like Lindy, but this season I am getting close. Andy and his BEAUTIFUL bride Jodee had one of the most gorgeous weddings I've ever attended. [a lot of which had to do with the couple themselves- hearing their vows was so inspiring- did I cry? yes, I obviously did.] The ceremony was so meaningful and you could literally feel the love in the air- cliches I'd only throw around if I really meant it. The wedding decor was pretty unique- I wanted to show off some of the adorable details from the day:

Mason jars with delicate flowers- simple but really special. Mason jars are a hit these days, but these arrangements themselves were unexpected and like I said- SIMPLE. A really nice touch without going over the top.

The guest "book" was this cute basket of rocks....

... which guests signed! It was unique and will be a cool display in their home for years to come! We dug around looking for a heart shaped rock to sign, though the adverse effect of that was the rock was quite bumpy. Sorry for our sloppy handwriting :)

Centerpieces with succulents [from Jodee's mom's backyard] and old books [another touch I'd never seen before]. I am really becoming more and more obsessed with simple little details that make a big statement- this wedding really encompassed that.

Guests were able to keep the centerpieces- which you all know I am a huge fan of succulents! 
[my centerpiece lives in San Francisco now, though. pout.]

Another detail I'm bonkers over- succulents on the cake! The hand made heart garlands behind were a nice backdrop- something I'm considering adding to my little office

Mr. and Mrs. Gossett!!! 

After the ceremony- the party went on with delicious food, amazing music, and a sunset that any iPhone user would capture. Like I said, this is just an event I won't soon forget. I am glad they let me share it here today!!


PS: Thanks for your patience this week as I didn't really feel like blogging... I promise to be back on track next week, and appreciate the [extended] break!!


  1. Aww! These are great pictures!

  2. Wow, that looks like it was an amazing wedding.
    I LOVE the rock guest book, that's such a fantastic idea and it's not only sentimental but I'd assume it's quite cost effect too

    1. Yes--- I think it would be and is such a brilliant idea!!

  3. All of these pics are amazing - this wedding looks seriously beautiful! That reception area is unreal.

    Alexandra xo

    1. the pictures can't even do it justice, it was wonderful :)

  4. lovely photos!! that wedding looks gorgeous xx

  5. lovelypictures! that wedding looks gorgeous xx

  6. Wonderful great going, I love your work and look forward for more work from your side. I am a regular visitor of this site and by now have suggested many people


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