Monday, June 18, 2012

What a Weekend.

And so return the usual "What a Weekend" posts. Let's begin:

Lindy had a plane to catch, so we made sure to get some bestie time in before she left. Margaritas and guac at The Matador. Portland & Seattle, you folks have one of these as well. GO. Now! No time to waste!

Endless pink peonies at the Saturday market. I was on bike so I couldn't buy them ALL. 

Leopard & lavender... or at least bright purple! My bike is basically my BFF. So fun!

For Father's Day, my dad and I had lunch and strolled through a car show. 

He has an old truck quite similar to this one, so he had to get a good peak at the interior. PS, how great is his new shirt? My step-mom got it for him and he looked quite dashing. I sure love that dad of mine!!

Ending the PRODUCTIVE weekend with a well earned Corona and lime. 

Did you guys have a great weekend??


  1. Aww look at your dad rocking that shirt! Looks like a great weekend.
    Mine was a little less productive but time spent with the family which is always wonderful and needed. Happy Monday!

  2. Aww, sounds like a great weekend. And your dad does look really great!

  3. what a great weekend. That guacamole looks DELISH!

  4. Matador in Tacoma was our go to destination after Becca's Master's ceremony last weekend. Tequila samplers ~ oh my ~ perfect for any celebration!

  5. Looks like a fun time. I also have a purple bike (although it's a road bike, a lot less cute than yours). Car shows and Father's Day are perfect together!!!

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  7. Gotta love chips, guac and margaritas! And those pink peonies are absolutely gorgeous - looks like a great weekend :)

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