Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WWL: Swimmie-suits & Sunnies.

First of all, I wanted to mention that I am guest posting over at one of my favorite blogs- The Brunette One. What an honor! Make your way over and check it out if you can!

Next, today's topic is about my most favorite season, SUMMER. The weather has been getting oh-so-nice, and I have been stuck inside. Wahhhh! I want some pool time ASAP. Since it doesn't appear any chlorine is in my near future... I decided instead to focus my daydreams Wednesday Wish List on my favorite summer essentials... swimmie-suits and sunnies!

As I've gotten older... it has occurred to me that more coverage probably isn't a bad thing. I used to have no problem in teeny-weeny-bikinis, but 9,000 slices of pizza later... maybe I could be a bit more modest, for everyone's sake. Since I'm not quite ready for a one-piece, I think this bikini from Mara Hoffman is the ticket:
You're not TOO covered, but don't really have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction either. Phew.

On the sunnie side... I feel like there are tons of cute styles out right now. But there is something to be said for a classic black pair of shades, like these from Gucci:
Meeeeow, can't go wrong with a cat eye, am I right??

So, full disclosure: I had like... 9 more swimmie-suits picked out, and at least 12 other pairs of sunnies. But I am trying REALLY HARD to not shop or spend. Creating a huge style board full of items I will likely never own? Rough. In fact, spending any time at all visiting my favorite e-retailers sounded just like a regular nightmare. Ahhh, the tragedies and tortures of blogging. So, I manned up and went with top 2 and featured them all by their lonesomes. Perhaps when I'm feeling less sorry for my thrifty self... I'll upload the rest... because alas, they were lovely.

I hope Wednesday is treating you all well, and don't forget to go check out my guest post at The Brunette One!


  1. I needed this post a week ago before I left for my mini vaca! So darling!! PS. Thanks again for posting for me!

  2. I love Mara Hoffman everything for summer!

  3. I love the swimsuit! It is so pretty!

  4. You should check out Zink swimsuits. They give me heart palpitations I want them so badly. :)


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