Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Get Comfy.

Hey everyone!! Another quick post today- am I the worst or what? WELL... if you've been following along on Twitter or Insta- you know I am finally home in San Francisco. My dad stayed the weekend, and I was able to show him all of my favorite spots in the city- the places that made me want to move.

It has been a few [really] emotional days... saying goodbye to my family, missing my friends, staring at an apartment full of boxes and not knowing where to even begin. But, when we took my dad to the bridge [above], I stood at the edge of the bluff and stared out to the ocean. It was really windy and I felt like the air was pushing into my lungs, deeper breaths than I've been able to take for a long time. I knew this is where I should be. No matter the amount of cleaning and organizing and job hunting... San Francisco is where I was supposed to end up. I am thankful to be here with my best friend and explore this amazing city! 

On that note, I am ALMOST done unpacking... but just barely starting my adventure. I can't wait to see what the coming days/weeks/months bring! It is time to get comfy... I'll be here awhile.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

And I'm Off!

Well you guys, I'm officially en route to San Francisco. This morning, my dad and I loaded up a truck and hit the road. As you read this, I really hope you take a little moment to pray Roxanne isn't meowing our ears off- I mean I care what she has to say BUT NOT FOR 11 HOURS. We'll be stopping about half way [you know, for rest] and then arriving in the city tomorrow. Thank you for being patient while I was away from the blog [AKA was celebrating my birthday, packing, cleaning, saying goodbye to my friends and family, etc..] Monday, I fully intend to pick this little blogging habit up again- and can't wait to share my new adventure with all of you! 

Also, that photo was taken near my house and is the city I'm saying goodbye to. Sigh, I'll miss it. See you at Christmas, Boise!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Birthday Girl!

Today is my 25th birthday!! I'm off to swim, eat cupcakes, and dance around to Call Me Maybe. 

....and I must say, 24 was the best year of my life so far. I can't wait to see what 25 brings.


PS. that picture proves some things never change. I still love bikes, pink bows, and awkwardly posing for photos.

Friday, July 20, 2012

To Market.

Outfit originally seen in this post.

HOLY MARKET, you guys, tomorrow is my last Saturday in Boise. As in. NEXT Saturday, I'll live in SF. Is it hot in here? Are you sweaty? Phew, I feel warm. Or maybe my heart is just beating so fast because my adventure is about 5 minutes from starting. Or, like 6 days but that feels like 5 minutes. I think I'm having a mini-panic-attack [that is not actually a panic attack, I'm actually just being dramatic] because a Boise Saturday is a great day. I la-la-LOVE riding my cruiser to the farmer's market downtown, grabbing coffee, and looking at all the vendors before ultimately getting tired and sitting down to brunch somewhere. And every time I go, I run into old friends... something I'm confident probably won't happen in SF. What the point of this post was supposed to be is I'll really, really miss Saturdays here, and if you're ever in Boise- you should go to the market. And also brunch after. Have a good weekend :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Boise Beverages.

So- BOISE may not be a hot travel destination BUT if you ever find yourself here [or live here already], I worry you may get parched. I originally planned on writing a root beer float guide and I TESTED ALL THE ROOT BEER FLOATS... but they all sucked. Seriously, Boise is not the place for a quality RBF. So instead, I labored over a different kind of beverage guide. The best cocktails in Boise. According to me. Enjoy:

Best Cocktail List: Red Feather.
The drink pictured above is called a Fuzzy Leopard. It typically is served with basil, so if you've ever seen me Instagram a photo with a leaf in it, that is what I'm having. It is refreshing, and who are we kidding- an absolute delight. And that is not all RF serves up. Boasting a list of 50 unique cocktails- you will find a new favorite in a moment's notice. I say a moment's notice, because sometimes the list is overwhelming and you just can't choose what you want and you impulsively shout out a drink. That is, in fact, how the Fuzzy Leopard and I fell in love.

Best Mimosas on Sunday: Tavern at Bown Crossing
I was born to go to Sunday Brunch. It is in my top five favorite pastimes, I think. And at the Tav- you'll not only find unreal menu items, but bottomless mimosas. No typo there, they refill them when your glass is looking empty- and not in the pessimistic sense, in the literal "you're plum out of mimosa" sense. And they get the ratio right- not too much OJ, not too much champers, just right. Everyone should enjoy Sunday Brunch at the Tav at least once [or 11 times]. The Tavern also has a great playlist going- fact- I say "I LOVE THIS SONG!!!" 900 times per visit.

Best Place for a PBR: Harry's in Hyde Park
So, this is embarrassing. This place is not actually called Harry's anymore. It is called Hyde Park Pub. BUT trust me, if you say you're going to Harry's- people will KNOW. It is walking distance from my house and always has VERY COLD [we're talking Icelandic temperatures] PBRs on hand. They also celebrate National Corn Dog Day, which I like. In fact, Lindy and I used to go so often that we'd walk in and they'd say "the usual?" meaning two PBR's. What? We are on a budget. 

Best "I've had one of those days" Margaritas: Flatbread Community Oven
This doesn't really need much description. If you've ever "had one of those days," also commonly diagnosed as A Case of the Mondays... the blood orange margarita at Flatbread is the cure. It is delish and flavorful, and will also knock your socks off. Don't ever order 2. Unless you want to rage. Which you might. 

Best Margarita, All Around Winner: Matador
The Matador is my favorite place. Ever. I'm pretty sure. It is on 8th, meaning centrally located, meaning no matter where I am, I can find my way to Matador for a margarita and a mound of nachos. Most of my favorite memories in Boise are AT the Matador which says a lot since it is relatively new. And the margs... are just delightful. They have a 100 tequila choices-YIKES- but follow my lead... and order "the Matador Margarita." It isn't on the menu, but THEY'LL KNOW. Trust me. And try to get a seat on the patio OR IN A BOOTH. Otherwise you'll be crowded slash overwhelmed.

Best Place for a Pitcher & People Watching: Bittercreek
Speaking of people watching, if you're ever in need of a nice patio to sit, grab a pitcher, and people watch... Bittercreek is your best bet. The next door neighbor to Red Feather offers 39 beers on draft and a lot of bottled choices as well. They've got choices, and choices are a good thing when it comes to brews. And the servers are nice. Which I like. 

And of course, my Favorite Place for a Bevvie: The Modern Hotel and Bar
Someone had to win the whole thing, right?? The Modern is my favorite place for drinks in Boise, no question or contest. It serves up the best [and most unique] cocktails with great music, and a killer vibe. Is a killer vibe a thing? I think so. What I'm trying to tell you is I really love the atmosphere and the bartenders know what they're doing more than any bartender ever. I mean, as an overall winner... I'll tell you when I was faced with the dilemma of taking my SF boyfriend to a bar in Boise [and wanting to seem awesome], this is where I took him. And he loved it. And we went on many a date there since. 

So there you have it, my Boise Beverage Guide! It was certainly my pleasure to taste-test all of these drinks for you, and work I'd gladly do again :) Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Home.

So I've lived in this charming little house for 2 years. It is in the "North End" of Boise which roughly translates to "trendy" or "hippie-ville" or "my neighborhood." The house is old and adorable. I am obsessed with the cute archways, the crown molding, and the perfect front porch. I didn't want to spend a fortune decorating, so I just went ahead and made it work with what I already had. And you know what, it WORKED because not to toot-toot my own horn but people always say "Kelli, Lindy, I love your house!!!" True story, self absorbed or not. I figure since I loved this home oh-so-much for oh-so-long, I should take some photos of everything before I put it all in boxes. I snapped some shots of my living and office area... including some sweet artwork by my beau:
L&L Living

L&L Living

L&L Living
L&L Living

L&L Living

I only snapped the details at the front end of the house for a variety of reasons--- I am absolutely exhausted being the primary one. Okay, there is no "variety" of reasons. I am genuinely just tired. But, I included some details of my bedroom in this post if you care to get your creep on.

Thanks for letting my share my humble abode. And oh also, for letting my share my 'humble' photos AKA the quality is... questionable. I mean, let's be honest, it is old news and I wasn't super-duper concerned with making it look as awesome in photos as it does in real life. If I could have done a video tour, I would have. Or hired a profesh-photographer. Anywho, I can't wait to settle into mine and Tim's NEW apartment and get some gorgeous photos up. But no matter where I am going, I'll never stop loving this little house I called my home for the last 2 years :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mountains & Lakes.

Leopard and Lavender is the name of this blog, yes? Well the portion ending in "avender" originates from my dad and step mom's lavender FARM [meaning they have 300 cute little lavender plants that smell quite lovely]. So, they sell it in McCall, ID at a farmer's market through the summer. And since this weekend was my daddio's birthday, I tagged along. And this is what I wore AKA here are two different photos of me wearing jean shorts:

top Anthropologie [similar here] / shorts J.Crew / shoes Minnetonka / sunnies F21
Here, I wore jorts with a polka dot top and some moccasins and I felt really good about it. I had my dad snap a photo as we walked past the lake and I also feel good about that. I love this Anthro pullover [last seen here] probably more than most things in the world.

shirt boyfriend's [similar here] / shorts J.Crew / flats at Kohl's [similar here] / sunnies F21 / watch Marc by Marc Jacobs
Here, I am wearing my boyfriend Tim's old shirt, the very same jorts, and leopard flats. Because I know, for a fact, that leopard is a neutral AKA it is not too much to pair it with this manly shirt. In fact, this outfit was awesome and I wore it to dinner last night upon my return to the city. That is, again, something I feel good about. This photo was snapped on our cabin's property and I've been told there are no snakes anywhere near me when this photo was taken, PHEW.

Thank you to everyone who gave me moving tips -- they all have been so helpful and things I'd never think of. As for a quick "moving update," I am finishing up my last week at work, putting my life into [well-labeled] boxes, and I am officially 10 days away from go-time.

To my RENO readers- my dad and I are staying a night in Reno on the way to SF. Any clean, safe, pet friendly, and CHEAP hotel recommendations would be so appreciated.

Thanks for reading, guys, and I PROMISE... I'll be back tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello there, my name is Kelli, I used to have a blog. Then I decided to resign from my job, pack up my house & cat, and move to a new state. STRESS ENSUES.

Okay, I'm not that stressed, just like... busy. And I guess a little stressed. I had a huge [successful!!!] yard sale this weekend which helped alleviate whatever thoughts are running through my head... but when it comes right down to it I just really haven't been able to make time for L&L. Which is hard, because blogging is my favorite thing to do. SO, as I type this... I am exhausted and unmotivated but determined to get this post done. Should I share that with you? Probs not. Ideally, you all live under the hypothesis that I am pumped to be here and not struggling to get words out. But I hope you at least appreciate how candid that intro was. 

SO, this is PART ONE of the same post. When I went to Oregon the weekend before last, my brother and I drove down the coast and made a few pit stops at all of the places we went to growing up. This includes Cape Foulweather, Otter Crest, and Devil's Punch Bowl. My brother emailed me a few of the photos he snapped while we were there... Yes, he was introduced to the idea that every event in my life is somehow now related to a blog post. Luckily, he is pretty supportive of my goals. We'll call this my "Coastal Road Trip Outfit."  
Details on the outfit are coming soon!! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go lay face first in my bed. 

PS... since it is clear on how bananas I am these days--- feel free to share your MOVING TIPS in the comments :) I will love you forever!! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Four years ago, I landed a job at the coolest company in Idaho. I have been fortunate and blessed to grow my career here, and have learned from a lot of amazing mentors. I will be forever grateful for the lessons and experiences.

I also will always be thankful for the benefits of being an employee. I've gotten cool gadgets, a vacation, PLUS all of the daily/weekly/monthly perks. And every year, you get a gift! This year, I went with this stunner of a watch... Hello, Marc Jacobs. Happy anniversary, indeed!!

I have never had such a nice watch! I love rose gold [this goes with all of my other daily accessories], and I'm obsessed with the bit of bright white on the face. Now, I just need to learn how to tell time and I'm set. ;)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What a Weekend [at the Oregon Coast].

This last weekend, I drove my little car from Boise to Portland, where I met up with my big brother Jake. We spent some time in PDX before making our way down the Oregon Coast to meet up with our dear mom. My beau flew in from SF to meet us, and it was an amazing few days. Here are some of my favorite snapshots!!  

Playing giant Jenga... super scary, let's be honest.

Coffee at Stumptown.

The cups are the cutest! 

We stopped off at a few beaches before arriving at the house. Hi brother! 

My mom collecting agates along the beach.

Sweet little pup, Ellie. 

My mom and brother looking for treasures.

Me and my sneakers and my name.

Jellies at the aquarium!! 

My boyfriend drew me a cute otter at lunch!! 

YUM. Mo's is a must stop if you're at the coast. Delish!! 

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone for the positive feedback on yesterday's post. I am VERY excited and can't wait for this new chapter to begin. :) 

Monday, July 2, 2012

My Big Announcement.

I've been keeping a big secret from you guys for months... and I guess it is finally time to spill the beans. No need to drag it out, so here goes:

I am moving to San Francisco!!
Okay, so it is not really a huge surprise for most of you who know me. I've been flying back and forth for nearly a year. It was time to make a change. So, at the end of July, I'll be putting RoxyCat in a travel carrier and hitting the road. Here are the details [that I know so far], and I've placed them in a Q/A format because these are the questions I ask myself every day:

To those of you who are new to the blog, I will be dorky and tell you "I'm moving for love." While it sounds cheesy, it is actually the truth. I met the love of my life last year- with the minor speedbump being he lives exactly 641 miles away from me. I am sick of going back and forth. I want to see him every day, I want to have normal dates and normal weekends and look at his face. I have always wanted a grand adventure, and I can't think of a better excuse than to have one now.
Do you have a job there?
To be perfectly blunt- Nope. I can tell you I know WHERE I want to work, I can tell you WHAT I want to do. I just need to make it happen. Having had a job since I was 16, I am a little panicked. The world of unemployment is water I've never treaded. But I also am confident I will not only find A job, but THE job. While I've had an amazing career so far and have been so thankful for my employer, the excitement and anticipation of a new challenge is pretty thrilling.

Will you still blog?
I think I'll probably blog MORE. Idaho girl finding her way in a big city? Sounds like a blogging paradise if you ask me!

Are you nervous?
I have lived in Boise, Idaho my ENTIRE life. I never went away for college [I went to Boise State], I never had a summer abroad, I've been here. Forever. But, when faced with the question "What would you do if you could not fail?" my answer has always been "move to a big city." So while I am nervous about little things [parking, getting lost, the fog], I am more than anything SO excited and counting the minutes until my new adventure begins!! 
Are you SCARED?
No way!! But, I must admit... the one thing that keeps me up at night about all of this is making new friends. A joke here in Boise is that you can throw me into any room at any place and I'll emerge with a new best friend. I'm chatty! For some reason, I am lacking that same confidence here. I am SUCH a dork and literally read a blog about making new friends as an adult, so I am well prepared to ask girls on "friend dates." But... I know there will be moments where ALL I WANT is to go to happy hour with a girlfriend and talk about clothes and celebrity gossip and hair products... and it will be awhile before I have those connections. That is going to suck... but only for a little bit. Wish me luck.

I also am a little "apprehensive" as to how I'll function away from my family [this includes Lindy]. I have lived a short 5 minute drive from my mom, about an hour from my dad, and down the hall from my best friend. It is a miracle for things like FaceTime because I can guarantee I will have those days where my heart aches to be home. 

OMG, How excited are you?!
Well, my head has been in "the fog" [pun intended] for the past few months. I have never been so excited for anything, ever! I get to go to a beautiful city, be with my love, explore new neighborhoods, meet lots of new people, and build a new life path. This is something I've been waiting for my entire life, and never thought would happen. I am SO. EXCITED. 

So, that is about all I can think of so far. It probably makes sense why I am selling everything I own now, huh?? [If you want to buy ANY OF IT, please feel free to contact me.] Anyways, I am so glad I can talk about it openly now... and hope you'll stand by me as my posting will probably be a little less frequent over the coming weeks. Moving your entire life is hard work, I've gotta say! If you have any questions I didn't cover, ask! I'm an open book here. And also [this is where I get shameless], if you live there and want to get happy hour--- let me know. I'll be free. :)