Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Boise Beverages.

So- BOISE may not be a hot travel destination BUT if you ever find yourself here [or live here already], I worry you may get parched. I originally planned on writing a root beer float guide and I TESTED ALL THE ROOT BEER FLOATS... but they all sucked. Seriously, Boise is not the place for a quality RBF. So instead, I labored over a different kind of beverage guide. The best cocktails in Boise. According to me. Enjoy:

Best Cocktail List: Red Feather.
The drink pictured above is called a Fuzzy Leopard. It typically is served with basil, so if you've ever seen me Instagram a photo with a leaf in it, that is what I'm having. It is refreshing, and who are we kidding- an absolute delight. And that is not all RF serves up. Boasting a list of 50 unique cocktails- you will find a new favorite in a moment's notice. I say a moment's notice, because sometimes the list is overwhelming and you just can't choose what you want and you impulsively shout out a drink. That is, in fact, how the Fuzzy Leopard and I fell in love.

Best Mimosas on Sunday: Tavern at Bown Crossing
I was born to go to Sunday Brunch. It is in my top five favorite pastimes, I think. And at the Tav- you'll not only find unreal menu items, but bottomless mimosas. No typo there, they refill them when your glass is looking empty- and not in the pessimistic sense, in the literal "you're plum out of mimosa" sense. And they get the ratio right- not too much OJ, not too much champers, just right. Everyone should enjoy Sunday Brunch at the Tav at least once [or 11 times]. The Tavern also has a great playlist going- fact- I say "I LOVE THIS SONG!!!" 900 times per visit.

Best Place for a PBR: Harry's in Hyde Park
So, this is embarrassing. This place is not actually called Harry's anymore. It is called Hyde Park Pub. BUT trust me, if you say you're going to Harry's- people will KNOW. It is walking distance from my house and always has VERY COLD [we're talking Icelandic temperatures] PBRs on hand. They also celebrate National Corn Dog Day, which I like. In fact, Lindy and I used to go so often that we'd walk in and they'd say "the usual?" meaning two PBR's. What? We are on a budget. 

Best "I've had one of those days" Margaritas: Flatbread Community Oven
This doesn't really need much description. If you've ever "had one of those days," also commonly diagnosed as A Case of the Mondays... the blood orange margarita at Flatbread is the cure. It is delish and flavorful, and will also knock your socks off. Don't ever order 2. Unless you want to rage. Which you might. 

Best Margarita, All Around Winner: Matador
The Matador is my favorite place. Ever. I'm pretty sure. It is on 8th, meaning centrally located, meaning no matter where I am, I can find my way to Matador for a margarita and a mound of nachos. Most of my favorite memories in Boise are AT the Matador which says a lot since it is relatively new. And the margs... are just delightful. They have a 100 tequila choices-YIKES- but follow my lead... and order "the Matador Margarita." It isn't on the menu, but THEY'LL KNOW. Trust me. And try to get a seat on the patio OR IN A BOOTH. Otherwise you'll be crowded slash overwhelmed.

Best Place for a Pitcher & People Watching: Bittercreek
Speaking of people watching, if you're ever in need of a nice patio to sit, grab a pitcher, and people watch... Bittercreek is your best bet. The next door neighbor to Red Feather offers 39 beers on draft and a lot of bottled choices as well. They've got choices, and choices are a good thing when it comes to brews. And the servers are nice. Which I like. 

And of course, my Favorite Place for a Bevvie: The Modern Hotel and Bar
Someone had to win the whole thing, right?? The Modern is my favorite place for drinks in Boise, no question or contest. It serves up the best [and most unique] cocktails with great music, and a killer vibe. Is a killer vibe a thing? I think so. What I'm trying to tell you is I really love the atmosphere and the bartenders know what they're doing more than any bartender ever. I mean, as an overall winner... I'll tell you when I was faced with the dilemma of taking my SF boyfriend to a bar in Boise [and wanting to seem awesome], this is where I took him. And he loved it. And we went on many a date there since. 

So there you have it, my Boise Beverage Guide! It was certainly my pleasure to taste-test all of these drinks for you, and work I'd gladly do again :) Happy Wednesday!


  1. Nice... your post has me thirsty for a cold one at 8:20 a.m. I guess lemonade, un-spiked, on the rocks will have to do for the next 12 hours.

  2. We have a cute little pizza place on our avenue that serves PBR's and whenever my hubs and I walk in they have them cracked and ready for us. It's pretty funny!

    PS - I know this sounds silly, but you're such a brave girl for just getting up and moving. I've lived in VA my whole life and my hubs is from Florida, he's trying to get me to move there in about a year and I'm nervous! But after reading your post about just getting up and going it's inspired me to just do it. Thanks for that. XOXO.

  3. I need a drink now lol. Great photos!!


  4. Can I just say that I LOVE this post. If I ever take the 5 hour drive to Boise from Salt Lake I will be making the rounds at these places. I also love the fact that you posted PBR. Hope everything is going great with your move!


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