Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hello there, my name is Kelli, I used to have a blog. Then I decided to resign from my job, pack up my house & cat, and move to a new state. STRESS ENSUES.

Okay, I'm not that stressed, just like... busy. And I guess a little stressed. I had a huge [successful!!!] yard sale this weekend which helped alleviate whatever thoughts are running through my head... but when it comes right down to it I just really haven't been able to make time for L&L. Which is hard, because blogging is my favorite thing to do. SO, as I type this... I am exhausted and unmotivated but determined to get this post done. Should I share that with you? Probs not. Ideally, you all live under the hypothesis that I am pumped to be here and not struggling to get words out. But I hope you at least appreciate how candid that intro was. 

SO, this is PART ONE of the same post. When I went to Oregon the weekend before last, my brother and I drove down the coast and made a few pit stops at all of the places we went to growing up. This includes Cape Foulweather, Otter Crest, and Devil's Punch Bowl. My brother emailed me a few of the photos he snapped while we were there... Yes, he was introduced to the idea that every event in my life is somehow now related to a blog post. Luckily, he is pretty supportive of my goals. We'll call this my "Coastal Road Trip Outfit."  
Details on the outfit are coming soon!! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go lay face first in my bed. 

PS... since it is clear on how bananas I am these days--- feel free to share your MOVING TIPS in the comments :) I will love you forever!! 


  1. Don't pack a large box entirely full of books. Pack them in smaller boxes if you can. Those suckers are heavy!

  2. Make a list of things you'll need right away (windex, paper towels, nails, hooks, dinner/lunch/beer) and go get them before you start unpacking the things out of those boxes! I just moved and thought that was one of the best things I did! We didn't have to go crazy searching for those things- they were in the Target recycable bags!

    Good luck!

    Understated Classics

  3. When unpacking - if you have a garage or storage, only bring in essential items to the house and nicely stack the iffy stuff in the garage or storage. Don't set things down where you think you'll put them because they will stay. Although, I know you're a trillion times more organized than me, it will really make you realize how much stuff you pack around but DON'T NEED! (I just had this epiphany while moving into a new house, I'm slowly de-cluttering my life)

  4. I'm a horrible packer/mover but think of the end result! But maybe pack with a cocktail in hand if you can, it helps. I miss your blog so come back soon.

  5. I have been wondering how to wear those sweaters/tees that are cropped in the front and longer in the back. You make it look easy and adorable!

  6. Label boxes/everything! When I moved from Chicago --> DC I didn't and it was a HUGE mistake! Also, I agree with the post above: a cocktail in hand helps :)

  7. To me, packing is the easy part...unpacking is my nightmare. I end up throwing out, selling or giving away a ton of stuff before I move. I agree with D..label everything. I had movers one time that packed everything for me and didn't label a thing...so chaotic!!! Love your outfit! you look comfy and super cute! Good luck xo

  8. Hope everything is going well!!! It would be safe to say the worst part about moving and packing is the unpacking part! :)

  9. The packing is the okay part, unpacking always sucks! Label all your boxes and keep your things together in correspondence to each room, kitchen things go in the kitchen box, etc etc. I made the mistake of putting living room books in with kitchen things and it was just a mess and blah awful!

    The Urban Umbrella



  10. Love your "Coastal Road Trip Outfit", and that's a beautiful scenery.
    Stay safe always.




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