Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Four years ago, I landed a job at the coolest company in Idaho. I have been fortunate and blessed to grow my career here, and have learned from a lot of amazing mentors. I will be forever grateful for the lessons and experiences.

I also will always be thankful for the benefits of being an employee. I've gotten cool gadgets, a vacation, PLUS all of the daily/weekly/monthly perks. And every year, you get a gift! This year, I went with this stunner of a watch... Hello, Marc Jacobs. Happy anniversary, indeed!!

I have never had such a nice watch! I love rose gold [this goes with all of my other daily accessories], and I'm obsessed with the bit of bright white on the face. Now, I just need to learn how to tell time and I'm set. ;)


  1. Oh I love that! Can I work where you work?


  2. Ok ... sitting here wishing I got super nice gifts like this from my work! Lucky! Great pick on the watch though - I got my first rose gold watch in May and I literally have NOT taken it off since!


  3. I absolutely adore this watch! I've been wanting to invest in a nice designer watch for the longest!

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