Monday, July 16, 2012

Mountains & Lakes.

Leopard and Lavender is the name of this blog, yes? Well the portion ending in "avender" originates from my dad and step mom's lavender FARM [meaning they have 300 cute little lavender plants that smell quite lovely]. So, they sell it in McCall, ID at a farmer's market through the summer. And since this weekend was my daddio's birthday, I tagged along. And this is what I wore AKA here are two different photos of me wearing jean shorts:

top Anthropologie [similar here] / shorts J.Crew / shoes Minnetonka / sunnies F21
Here, I wore jorts with a polka dot top and some moccasins and I felt really good about it. I had my dad snap a photo as we walked past the lake and I also feel good about that. I love this Anthro pullover [last seen here] probably more than most things in the world.

shirt boyfriend's [similar here] / shorts J.Crew / flats at Kohl's [similar here] / sunnies F21 / watch Marc by Marc Jacobs
Here, I am wearing my boyfriend Tim's old shirt, the very same jorts, and leopard flats. Because I know, for a fact, that leopard is a neutral AKA it is not too much to pair it with this manly shirt. In fact, this outfit was awesome and I wore it to dinner last night upon my return to the city. That is, again, something I feel good about. This photo was snapped on our cabin's property and I've been told there are no snakes anywhere near me when this photo was taken, PHEW.

Thank you to everyone who gave me moving tips -- they all have been so helpful and things I'd never think of. As for a quick "moving update," I am finishing up my last week at work, putting my life into [well-labeled] boxes, and I am officially 10 days away from go-time.

To my RENO readers- my dad and I are staying a night in Reno on the way to SF. Any clean, safe, pet friendly, and CHEAP hotel recommendations would be so appreciated.

Thanks for reading, guys, and I PROMISE... I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. You look great in jorts! I personally used to hate them, but you look so great. Good luck on your move- I'm excited to follow your journey!

    Understated Classics

  2. I totally agree about the leopard flats. They go with everything.I have a pair and they make simple casual jeans and a tee look feminine and chic and then be paired with skirts or a dress for a more glammmed up look!

    Lepoard flats in a wardrobe is just as important as a LBD!!!

  3. How kool, I've never been to a lavender farm lol I thought it would just be called a garden lol

    Check me out, follow back? My Fashion/DIY/HOW-TO/ADVICE/TIPS & TRICKS MAGAZINE BLOG
    xoxo =)

  4. Love your shorts and your bf's shirt!! Leopard flats are amazing..I feel like they can go with everything!!! xoox


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