Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WWL: Leather Jackets

Since moving to San Francisco, my idea of fashion has taken a very sharp turn.  I want to keep my girly style, but... who are we kidding: SF has very cold summers. My days of throwing on a sundress + sandals and sprinting out the door are gone... LAYERS are my new love. 

I am currently COVETING the leather jackets at ASOS, and I love how I could style one with a dress and sneakers, like SO: 

I'm confident that both of these looks would allow me to keep my fun & flirty & girly [& insert funny adjective here] style, but stay warm and practical. 

Leather jackets are just the solution to my layering dilemma. Super cute and WHAT a relief I won't have to wear 9 Juicy jackets on top of each other!! ;)


  1. I miss layers here in Florida; T-shirt and shorts almost all year round ;)

  2. Super cute! I can't decide which jacket I like more. They both give off a distinctly different but cool vibes. Show us which one if/when you choose!

  3. Yes!! Totally agree. Believe it or not, I got my first ever leather jacket back in May as a birthday gift and am so looking forward to finally being able to wear it this Fall! Looking forward to getting style ideas from you :)


  4. I am so excited for layers, kind of jealous that you are already wearing them actually. I love the idea of a leather jacket! For me, it has to be leather though instead of pleather. I love the second one! So cute!

    Also, I love your new profile picture? If that's what it is called. It's cute!


  5. This is good to know. Perhaps I should pack mine when I come next week.

  6. I wear my tan (faux) leather jacket ALL the time. It really is a staple piece, and I think I need another one in black.
    Looking forward to seeing how San Fran influences your style!

    Maja -


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