Thursday, September 27, 2012

I wear my heart.

When it comes to going out, I always feel like I'm in a panic putting together an outfit. I am not one for super-glam, I don't particularly love anything too tight or loud or stupid. SO, I adopted a trend many years ago that I'd just go for black. Always. And it seems to work so far. 

But sometimes, I need a little something else... which is where comes into play. My personality is not monotone, I am definitely not an "all-black" outfit kind of girl [yet I am, I know]. SO, I thoroughly enjoy adding that little sumthin-sumthin via the heart. I have had this heart clipped on my purse for a few weeks [because I need sequins in my day-to-day], but when it came time for a fancy dinner out... I thought it made the perfect addition to my noggin. 

It is the perfect remedy to all-black-boring, and I love, LOVE, wearing it out. 

***sidenote: they just released their adorable heart clutch this week. it is definitely my next purchase!! 


  1. LOVE! This looks so cute on you. Never would have thought to buyt it but now seriously considering.

  2. LOVE! As always, you can pull off anything ;).

  3. that little heart is my new fav accessory too! It looks awesome with all black - definitely next up on my list!
    Nikki at

  4. Too cute! When in doubt wear black and add a hint of sequins!


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