Monday, September 17, 2012

Instagram Jam.

Monday's are normally reserved for  my "What a Weekend" posts. But this weekend, we went to Carmel for a little getaway and believe it or not... I "unplugged." Like, I put my phone in my purse and just enjoyed the time away. We stayed at a really cute B&B, had wine and pizza, sat on the beach, and wandered through art galleries. Oh, and I ate an ungodly amount of waffles for breakfast. I don't regret a single bite of those waffles, either. But, with no phone- there are no photos! So, in leiu of that- here is a quick view of my life lately [according to Instagram]. If you're on Insta, follow along! My username is @kelliryder.

**click any of the photos to enlarge them**
1. A little drawing on the chalkboard wall in our kitchen. Living with an artist is fun, living with 2 cats though... is not always fun. Especially when one is a terrorist.
2. My favorite lunch. Kraft Mac & Cheese... spirals. Obviously. 
3. Maven. Location for my new favorite cocktail. 
4. Heading across the Bay Bridge back into the city. I think at some point I'm supposed to act like a local and stop taking photos while on the Bay Bridge... I haven't quite gotten there yet.
5. I came out from a long day of working at my desk to discover our dining room is now a gorgeous grey. 
6. Some pretty yellow blooms to celebrate our one year anniversary.
7. No better way to spend a morning than pouring over the gorgeous pages of Rue Magazine
8. Heading to Carmel for our little escape.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend [and more importantly, that you made it through Monday]!


  1. Haha which one of your cats is the terrorist? It couldn't possibly be yours right??!

  2. It's good to leave the phone/camera alone for a little bit and not feel the need to use it! Sounds like you're really enjoying your new home in SF! :)


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