Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pretty Pretty, Bang Bang.

My uniform as of late has been the same each day. Skinny jeans, ballet flats, and a loose-fitting basic. WHAT, you might ask, is a loose fitting basic? You know... a button up blouse, a pull over sweater, a basic v-neck. All loose fitting. Pretty basic. I am working on changing that [as I realized all of my clothing was so lonesome and Vitamin D deprived hanging in my closet]. 

So it goes without saying that I started adding pizazz to get back on track. These earrings that my brother made have been an absolute life saver. And yes, they are from a Dick Tracy action figure. So, they're small, light weight, and also say "don't mess with me." Because some days you just have to put that message out there. 

It looks like the earrings sold out on his Etsy page, but earrings were just a little extra thing in the big picture. He makes insane custom furniture and decor. His Facebook has all the deets and some cool photos. None of me, which is weird since I'm his sister and all, but some really cool photos. Take it little look and support someone who has known me literally my entire life. :)

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