Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sweet treats.

I keep it no secret that I'm a sucker for the details. So when I saw these sweet treats at West Elm... I wanted to go home and throw everything in our cupboards out the window. Funny how a printed bowl and simply the idea of owning metal straws is enough to inspire an entire kitchen.


  1. Ok those metal straws are seriously genius. I need them. I feel this way every time i go to anthropologie!

  2. Haha, I feel that way every time I go into a home decor store! I love those bowls :) And those metal straws are DEFINITELY AMAZING!


  3. So envious that you have a West Elm to visit in person! Shopping the website and browsing the catalog is just not the same.

  4. Best! I got my stainless steel straws from here & I love them: http://www.reuseit.com/store/stainless-steel-drinking-straw-p-1970.html

  5. I got a set of metal straws in a white elephant exchange this Christmas and LOVE them!


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