Wednesday, September 19, 2012

wwl: Madewell

So, I'm becoming borderline obsessed with Madewell. I knew having one in SF would be an exciting change for my wardrobe, but I've been and good girl and have been withholding from shopping too much. As in, I'm not really shopping at all. SO, when I happened upon a $25.00 gift card in my Birchbox, I knew the stars were aligning and I should treat myself to something delightful for fall.

The thing is, I can't decide what I want. So I'm leaving it to you- leave a comment saying which item I should splurge on!

1. The super sweet Silk Swingdot Boy Shirt...
2. Counting Sheep Sweater... hello, cutest thing ever!
3. The beyond adorable Bow Sweater,
4. or... the amazing Artdot Novelist Shirtdress.
You can see why I'm having such a hard time. I want them ALL. So indecisive, but I don't think I can be blamed because Madewell is to die for. SO, like I said, leave a comment with your vote!!


  1. the counting sheep sweater! so unique and the best choice for the chilly sf weather!

  2. Definitely the sheep sweater! Like the above commenter said, it's so unique. You could find cheaper replicas of the other choices at F21, etc.

  3. SHIRTDRESS! Because I haven't seen you wear anything like it, but I know you could rock it with wedges or your infamous flats.

  4. Love love love! So hard to decide! I vote for the bow sweater!


  5. I was so excited about the 'gift card' too! What a perfect addition to the Birchbox! Definitely get the sweater! It would fit perfectly into your wardrobe, in my opinion :)


  6. I vote for the Counting Sheep sweater!

  7. I have a LC Lauren Conrad shirt from Kohls that looks a lot like the first Madewell shirt (in black & white)- you should check it out here! It is cuter in person :)

  8. I vote for the Counting Sheep sweater, too! It's pretty adorable.

  9. I vote for the dress on the bottom!!


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