Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boots in Berkeley.

top Target [similar here on sale!!] // scarf [similar here] // denim AG // boots Rocket Dog // watch MBMJ // sunnies Target // bag Urban Outfitters 

On Saturday, we went to Berkeley to catch the Barry McGee show, something we were both very excited about. However, by the time we made it out of the city and across the bridge and into beautiful Berkeley... the museum had already closed. Usually, I prevent things like this from happening by double checking the operating hours beforehand. I guess I was too excited about my new boots to be my normal responsible self. Oops.

Luckily, we took advantage of our sudden change of plans by wandering the Berkeley campus. Um, I'd like to go back to school please. So gorgeous! I mean, the Broncos have my heart... but I wouldn't hate being a California Golden Bear. Maybe I'll just dig up some of my old college textbooks [do people still use those??] and go wander around and ACT like I'm in school. Hashtag: Not as creepy as it sounds, I promise.

In regards to my new boots, and to answer the question you're probably dying to know- YES. They are dark brown, not black. And YES. I am wearing a black top and a black purse with them. And NO. I don't care. I know that there is some rule somewhere that you can't mix the two, and if you looked at these photos and gasped in horror... well then I'm sorry. I wanted to wear this exact outfit, regardless of any clashing faux pas, and so I did. Whew. I'm glad we were able to talk about that.

It is also important to note that on the drive back into the city, we stopped at a Target and I bought 3 bags of candy corn. And have already eaten one. 

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!! 


  1. Love those boots! I think that rule is antiquated anyway!

  2. Love this look. CAL Berkeley is pretty isn't it? The first time I went there when I was a kid, I was awed at how pretty a SCHOOL could look. After all...the little ol' schools we were used to didn't look like that! =)
    If I could do it all over again...I would totally go back to school! It was a difficult but fun time all at once! =)

  3. SOOOO classy and cute! The bloue, scarf and booties are perfect!


  4. I feel like it's more about "going together" than matching, and girl, you're workin' it!

  5. You look so cute! I love those boots! My mom grew up in Berkeley right across the street from the Claremont hotel! Love that area for sure


  6. I think I am going to wear something like this on Friday! Love the mixing of black and brown! Wish I had the courage to do the same, but you ROCKED it!

  7. Love it!!

    xo Emily

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  9. First off, I adore your sass and the way you write. Very refreshing. Secondly, I too wear my dark brown ankle boots with black, even black pants, and I am so empowered that someone else does this too (I don't think anyone has ever noticed btw :)). I think the brown/black no-no is out the windown if navy/black is now an encouraged pairing along with "winter" white after labor day. Thirdly, I love that your blog entries provide a solid and creative wardrobe base to work from for practical application. Keep it up! Lindsey Harris

  10. Such a cute look! Loving your boots! Don't you just hate when things you want to go to are closed! It made the time for candy corn--so it worked out! hahah


  11. you look so adorable in this amazing outfit! such a simple look with some great accessories! the scarf and boots are my favorite!


  12. Just stumbled across your blog while searching for an image and so glad I found it! I love your style and sense of humor. I can crush candy corn like there's no tomorrow:) The shirt is fab and I love it even more since it's from Tar-jay! xo

  13. I saw these boots on your blog and went to Marshalls and they had them... I had to snatch them up. They were only 30$!! I wore them all weekend!

  14. So cute! Love it! Now following :)

  15. Great outfit- I love the black booties and the printed scarf- perfect touches to add interest to your look! Just found you through Biscuits and Navy! Love your blog!

  16. Such a cute outfit, love those boots! Adorable blog, following you!!



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