Thursday, October 4, 2012

Guest Author: Kayte Curtis

I first met Kayte Curtis through my last blog, StopShop. She and I began emailing, and quickly figured out we were meant to be friends. The only downside being she lives in LA, and while that made for us having an ABSOLUTE blast on a trip to San Diego... it was still a little farther from Boise than I liked. Hey- at least we're in the same state now, though let's be honest... I'd prefer the same city! SF could really use some of her style! :)

Anyways, Kayte [pictured below] is such a positive inspiration to me. She always is so encouraging of my writing, and one of the people who reminds me why I write in the first place. I always [and I mean always] am pestering her to be a guest writer on my blog... and finally, she is! With the approach of her 25th birthday, she put together a list of lessons that 25 years have taught her. Enjoy: 

Things I have learned approaching my Quarter Century, by Kayte Curtis:

1.       Don’t give people or situations expectations: You will be disappointed. Instead have faith, be optimistic, love and see beauty in any situation or person you meet. No matter what there will be a lesson regardless.

2.       Don’t be upset that you are “Girl in 27 Dresses” before 25: Your time will come. Be inspired by those who have found true love, and secretly smile that you have a dodged a huge bullet by those that will be divorced by age 30. These are your “selfish years”, you only get 10 of them. Fall in love, fall in lust, but most importantly, follow and love YOU, which will never lead you astray.

3.       Make bold decisions that no one else understands: There is something satisfying when taking a risk that honors you as an individual, that society does not understand, or approve of. Who wants to be like everyone else anyway? I wasn’t born to be a robot.

4.       Do not judge, instead be curious: One of my biggest lessons in my early 20’s is not to judge, people are opinionated and are different than each other; that in itself is beautiful, you do not know what road or storm they have walked through to be where or who they are. If you are open to it, you can learn something powerful from each individual you become vulnerable with.

5.       Let yourself fail: And pick yourself up. Again, and again, and again. How you react after failure will reveal your truest character, which will make you appreciate, taste, and know real success when you do acheive it. I feel bad for those who have the egos, and have inherited riches, for they do not have the character, which IS success.

6.       Get paid to do something you love: Other than the money, what is feeding your soul? Who else are you doing it for? Your mom, mentor, or society? What a frustrating life to live that isn’t yours, what are you doing for you?

7.       Fall head first, without logical thinking or reason, into love: Feel what it is like to be adored, respected, honored. Taste heartbreak, feel pain, and pick yourself back up again after the pieces have been shattered. Look at the individual you are after it all, and realize why that person was meant to come into your life. Carry a large dose of appreciation, compromise, and communication with you; you will need it for the next person to enter your life.

8.       Travel. Travel, TRAVEL, travel!:  It is the one thing that you can buy that will always make you richer. Broaden your outlook on life, take a trip by yourself to see what you are made of, and get your head out of the tiny, self-serving society we pay our tax dollars to. You will be surprised at how much you learn about yourself, and how your perspective on life changes.

9.       Don’t be so hard on yourself: I am the Queen of this. I love my routines and my schedule because I am so driven and goal oriented. I have learned in these years to keep your drive, but also to LET GO, have fun. Go have a glass (or bottle) of wine when you are supposed to be at Pilates. Let the adorable guy  from Trader Joe's in aisle 4 take you out to dinner when you have Revenge on DVR at home, go to work with a pounding hangover from Vegas, take spontaneous weekend trips and blow your paycheck at least once on something utterly ridiculous. LIVE your 20’s. You will not get these years back, or that Pilates behind, use them wisely.

10.   Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you, or your soul: 20’s are all about change. If something or someone no longer makes you happy, why are you striving to keep it in your life? Let go, it clearly isn’t meant to be there anymore.

11.   Save: Even if you are a fashion diva with expensive taste living on peanut butter and water, (I’ve been there); save. Put away as little as you can, each month. You will thank yourself at age 25, when your next quarter-century goals are a mortgage, or a child’s college education. (Or Christian Louboutins; just saying, we are all saving for something.)

12.   Never settle for less: Do I need to explain? What is your higher purpose? Who do you want to be? (not your mom, not your boyfriend) but YOU. Go after your life and dreams head first, and don’t settle until you are your best and happiest self. These are not the years to settle, and you can bet at 25 I will not be slowing down, not settling down, not the slightest bit.


  1. Love this. I remember Kayte from recruitment. We wanted her and her cute style, but I'm pretty sure she (and all the other girls) thought I was evil with my yelling "Do not talk about the houses!" What evolutions we've all made since then. Wise words, Kayte, and big ups to all of us successful Idahomies who aren't afraid to have a voice and make our marks on the world.

    1. Whitney, thank you for your kind words! I never once thought you to be evil, in fact, all that was perceived (not judged, of course) was a strong, determined woman that would become extremely successful one day. Feels good to be right. ;) Hope all is well lady.

  2. Such a great post!! Kayte is one of my favorite clients, and I too adore her style! Kayte you are wise beyond your years :-)

    And amazing blog btw! So glad I found it.

    TheStylist LA

    1. Em ;) Love you. That is all. Just utterly love you, and as always you are an inspiration yourself.

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  4. I like this girl! So on point and inspiring. Does she have a blog?

  5. Great post! I recently turned 26 and felt like I was having some of these thoughts--wonderful life lessons to take away!! Thanks for sharing!


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