Monday, October 15, 2012

Motivation for your Monday.

I know Monday is nearly over [and I guess, over entirely for some of you!], but I've got some motivation I want to pass your way. And since Monday starts with an M, and so does Motivation... that is just what is happening here.

I've done a lot of "reflecting," if that is what you call it, and have come to a series of conclusions. I have gone through so many transitions over the last few years, some good and some bad, and all have led me to where I am now. The last year has provided me with blessings I couldn't have previously imagined. While things seem perfect right now, it hasn't always been that way. I can vividly remember certain situations that tried my every ounce of energy. I remember challenges that, at the time, I wasn't sure how I'd get through. In fact, those challenges don't seem all that long ago.

But when it comes down to it, if I make things very black and white: I did get through. And with each hurdle, I emerged stronger and more determined to have the life I'd imagined. I stopped throwing pity parties and instead I thought I should just throw regular parties with treats and laughs and fun. And that was probably a pretty good call.

Here I sit, in my bay window at my beautiful desk... the fog forgot to roll in this evening, so I have a view of downtown's twinkling lights. I have two pretty funny cats snoozing on the bed behind me, and a kitchen full of about 90 "monster cookies" we made last night [recipe coming soon, don't you worry]. I have a handsome, kind, and caring young man on his way home and we'll probably spend the next three hours telling jokes and laughing. 

And I'm writing this not to brag or show off or make my life in SF seem perfect... because I have challenges and struggles here each and every day.  I am writing it because it is such a moving moment to focus on where you've been, and see where you are. And that no matter how dark it seems, the sun comes out again... and again, and again, and again after that.

Life is as grand as you make it. Each situation we're dealt is really just a stepping stone to get us to the next one. And you need to take time to be thankful and hopeful and make every situation just absolutely grand. If you hate your job, are trying your best to get out of debt, sweating it out in the gym every night in hopes to get to your goal weight, feeling a little lost, or dealing with HUGE, life altering problems, whatever they may be... try to make it as grand as you can. Make every single "stepping stone" seem grand. 

One thing I'm working really hard on is to be present, and be in the moment I am currently in- not the one I wish I was in. It requires that I stop comparing myself [and my blog] to others, not wishing my career was already 5 years down the road, and accepting the fact that money [and shopping and travel] will be tight for a few years. When I stopped wishing things were a little different, and instead focused on how things were- I felt humbled. Because when I actually lay everything out, things are pretty darn wonderful. I mean, a little over 3 months ago... all of my energy was spent wishing I was HERE, in San Francisco. And here I am.

I guess the point of this little rambling is to remind myself, and you, to count our blessings. Don't waste your energy feeling sad or frustrated or sorry for yourself, but instead use your energy towards becoming as strong and joyful as you can be. And focus on shining your light, no matter how little it seems... because life is just as grand as you make it


  1. SO true. There are many times I catch myself throughout the week (or day even!) where I'm wishing for this or that and not appreciating what I am in at that moment. I call them my "first world problems" since I know there are so many people who are not able to have certain things. I'm very much working on being grateful and appreciating so much more (not to sound like I'm some random gal who has an attitude and am unappreciative!) so that I don't get caught up on what I don't have. Thanks for this post...always a good reminder and self-reflection. =)


  2. Loving that quote! Great message girly!


  3. Couldn't agree more! I need to start focusing on living in the moment and appreciating what I have and what all I want to accomplish NOW, and make it happen. Very inspiring post and I'm very happy you are in such a great place! Though, I am quite envious of your bay window and monster cookies! Looks like I have some baking to attend to!

  4. Such great words, Kelli! Such an inspiration. Glad everything has fallen into place for you :)



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