Monday, October 1, 2012


sweater Forever21, old, similar // tee Urban Outfitters // denim AG // sneakers Superga, ON SALE! // sunnies Target // bag Kate Landry

This post is basically my REALISTIC outfit post. As you know, I do maybe 1-2 outfit posts a week. And those are my planned-out outfits... the ones for fun events, dates, parties, or if I've done my hair. What about all the other days when I don't really think about what I am wearing? What about the coffee runs or the Sunday evening strolls to Trader Joe's? Voila... this is it. 

This weekend was A GREAT ONE for my San Francisco life. I was successful in the kitchen TWICE [fajitas AND homemade pizza, different nights of course, not a fajita pizza... though let's be honest, that sounds great], we went on a long urban hike through the city, went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants with some good friends, rode our bikes to the beach, and even got a little Vitamin D!! [that is code for "sunburns"] AND when it came time to run to the store last night, I realized I'd forgotten to shoot any of my awesome outfits during those events. SO I decided to shoot one of the "not-awesome" ones, AKA the not planned one. This is actually a 100% accurate portrayal of what I wear for doing nothing: hanging out at home, walking around the neighborhood, etc. 

All of the items are at least 1+ year old, except for the shoes [which I just scored on major sale]. I am really pleased with how this whole look turned out, even the little dorky bun on my head. Maybe my "sloppy days" just aren't as sloppy as I thought!! What is your go-to casual outfit?


  1. Not sloppy at all! You look really cute. This is basically the same outfit I wear on "normal" days too.

  2. I think you look cute! Normally if I am running out the door I just throw whatever on too :)


  3. Digging the new 'do lady! Totally know what you mean about casual - just posted a casul look and it was kind of fun! We shot it on a whim after going to the movies. Love when bloggers keep it real sistah! ;)
    Nikki at

  4. And this is why we are blog friends :) Very similar to my realistic outfits! And I agree with, Nikki, loving the dark hair!!

  5. Hey, this is why we blog. Realistic outfits keep us going. And besides, wouldn't we all face burn out if we were "on" 24/7? I appreciate your honesty. And yes, a fajita pizza does sound yummy!

    Understated Classics

  6. I love this cardigan. This outfit is totally something I would {and do} wear! Thanks for keeping it real!

    xo Emily

  7. Love this outfit. And love that you posted one of your everyday go-to looks! I did something kinda similar on my blog today. Because not every day is a cute, fancy outfit day right? And I'm super impressed with your cooking, I need to improve my homemaker skills haha.


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