Wednesday, October 10, 2012

wwl: Golden Girl

I am on a major gold kick right now. I know that at some point, silver has to make a comeback... but I just don't see it being anytime too soon. My two "everyday" pieces of jewelry [my watch and my antique ring] are both gold, so wearing any sort of silver seems awkward. I got an email this week- and GREAT NEWS: released an item early from their new fall line: the metallic gold pom pom flower [upper left]. The second I laid eyes on it... I decided I needed it, and also needed 8 million other gold things to make their way into my life immediately. Do I already have the nail polish? Yes. But you should have it too. 2 coats and you've got the sparkliest [is that a word?] manicure you've ever seen.

Anyways, do yourself a favor- check out the pom pom- and allow yourself to be taken over by the Midas touch. 

Shop the remainder of the items here:


  1. I love the mix of gold and animal print on these flats.

  2. These are great finds, I am dying over those leopard flats! I am loving gold right now too!

  3. butter polishes are my favorite! I also love the pom and the cheetah flats - cute! : )

  4. That pom-pom. All I can say. Perf.


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