Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Faux Real.

jacket Pins & Needles // tunic Forever 21, old // denim AG // shoes Seychelles, similar

Hello, readers. We're about to embark on an embarrassing confession that will ultimately lead to why I currently own this [faux] leather jacket. But that is why I am here. To show you my mediocre style & interests [which I thoroughly enjoy] and share embarrassing stories. Oh, and also make friends with you guys. So here we go. 

My first few weeks after moving, Tim and I frequented a restaurant on Haight called Martin Macks. It is walking distance from our place and has great food & service. Also, we didn't have TV yet and it was the only place playing the Olympics. One evening, while watching synchronized diving, a girl walked by our table and she was wearing a leather jacket. And I told Tim "That is literally the coolest girl I've ever seen." Because she was. She was wearing this amazing leather jacket and skinnies and studded sneakers and some sort of knitted hat and I immediately hated my entire closet. I do feel creepy for momentarily idolizing a stranger, but it happens. A lot, actually.

So ever since, I've wanted a leather jacket just about more than anything. I found this one at Urban Outfitters and it is the softest faux leather I've come across. It is warm and flexible, and has great quilting details. I may not look as cool as that girl did, but I love it. I think fashion is all about gathering inspiration from wherever, even if it is just someone you see on the Internet or at your favorite Haight St. establishment. Then, finding pieces that suit your personal style, and that you're comfortable in. Lastly, fashion is about making it all your own. If I copied her outfit to a T, I'd look like an idiot. But with my favorite flowy tunic and yellow heels? I look like me.

Especially in that last photo. Tim was telling jokes and I couldn't hold it together.


  1. i LOVE your jacket! It's wayyyy cuter than the faux leather one I've got! I clearly totally know what you mean about seeing a random girl & totally wishing you had her wardrobe!

  2. i love this whole outfit, im a huge fan of AG jeans also, they have the best washes and are so comfortable


  3. Love this. Simple yet perfect.
    I need to get some chunky colored heels already.

  4. I love your jacket! I always feel that way when I see a girl who is dressed impeccably...just makes me wonder what the rest of the wardrobe looks like!


  5. Such a cute look! Loving your shoes! I can totally see myself saying the same thing about that girl! Some people just "ooze cool" hahah I need to learn from them! Glad you made it your own!


  6. You are not alone, I have done that many of times ;) You look great, I love that jacket!


  7. I love this outfit, I think you pull it off perfectly and I would be jealous if I saw you wearing this out in public :)


  8. I love the shape of that jacket! Super cute.
    xo Josie

  9. I need this jacket! I tried it on at Urban last week and almost impulsively bought it! Looks great...love it!


  10. I read your post this morning on my email while drinking coffee, and I nearly spit out, because I knew EXACTLY YOUR LINE OF THINKING when you saw that girl in the restaurant- I DO IT TOO! I am always envious of how "cool" they look, and want to recreate it, and then when I do, I'm not channeling that "cool" vibe.

    Well, rock on girl, you got the "cool" vibe
    Happy Wednesday!

    Understated Classics

  11. I'm glad I came across your blog! It's great.

    new follower!



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