Monday, November 19, 2012

What a Weekend.

Some quick snaps from my weekend. And also last weekend, too. 
Cute packaging by La Boulange

"Giggling Geishas" [not a joke] at Ozumo for Lindy's birthday dinner.

Since we're BFFs, we got BFF bracelets. 

Margs at Tacolicious

Just the girls! ;)

With major thanks to Courtney, I was able to go see DiffaSF before the big event. Loved all the different tablescapes. 

Black ceramics from my favorite table. 

And darling terrariums, too. If you're not familiar, you should read about the event

Snuggle time with my main squeeze. 

AND, a little preview for tomorrow's post. Cute chalkboard sketches at the Sarah Seven showroom. No, I wasn't shopping. :)

Also... I've been feeling SO tired lately. No matter how much sleep I get, I'm entirely exhausted. If you have any tips for boosting energy [aside from drinking all of the coffee], let me know. Now, to bed I go.


  1. Vitamin B! Make sure you don't oversleep, sometimes that can actually make you more tired. And of course exercise gives you those endorphins! I hope you get to feeling back to your perky self!
    P.S. Adore the picture of you and your cat. :)

  2. Hey! Did you paint that wall behind the couch? Looks like aquamarine-ish. I would like to paint some walls in my house that color! It's fab!

  3. the black ceramics are incredible, would love some for my place....

  4. Love all the photos! I've been extra exhausted also. Damn time change!

    xo Emily

  5. Love the pix, how do you find all these amazing events in SF? I feel like I have negative 0 event radar lol.



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