Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WWL: Paint it Black.

My goodness, is that not the biggest product roundup of all time??? I got carried away, and am not even upset in the slightest. You see, when I wake up and have an event or a party and think "OMG I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR" I always resort to all black. It is the simplest way to put together an amazing outfit in under 5 minutes. Pile on your favorite pieces, walk out the door. 

I have a few friends who've told me they don't know how to pull it off, or that it seems intimidating. That is the beauty- anyone can pull it off. I do have a few tips to make it seem easier, more manageable, or all in all... not "depressing" as many people probably think.

First, if you want to avoid looking like a waiter- pile on fun shoes and accessories. The Cosmic Collar or Bow-Tie [in your hair OR on your shirt] may be small- but are fun, girly ways to add personality. Of course, you can also pile on colored or rhinestoned jewelry galore- it just didn't fit my all black scheme today, you know?? :) 

Next, invest in a variety of black shoes. I read somewhere once that you only need one pair of black shoes. I disagree. All black shoes are vastly different, and will bring something entirely different to the outfit. The studded boots [my number one wishlist item right now] will add an element of rock & roll, and look great with pants or a dress. The J.Crew heels are of course classic, and the Charlotte Olympia kitty flats will be casual but girly. 

Lastly, mix and match textures. Chunky knits with leather. Textured pants with a cute peplum. Lace with sheer tights. If you have different materials, you won't look like you're in a work uniform- you'll look super chic! The final thing I will say is faded black + crisp black is always a no-no. If you can't bear to get rid of your favorite [faded] black item, and the fabric allows, dye it! It will keep you looking sharp.

Snag the items here, and shop the rest of the look below! [colors do vary on the shopping widget, but all are available in black] Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love an all black look!! It's the emo/goth gal in me I guess. Great tip about dying faded black items. I wouldn't have thought of that. Love the idea of mixing textures. I need a chunky black sweater to go with my leather leggings now!!

    The Now Style Book

  2. Love all of these. I think you need those cat flats! Maybe when they go on sale or something because they are just a little pricey.


  3. Great tips! I especially love the one to dye a faded black item, never thought to do that! Love all the pictures too:) xo

  4. LOVE black for fall and winter. So edgy and sophisticated. I'm all about effortless chic.


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