Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WWL: Pajama Party

Since I work from home, the desire to stay in my pajamas all day is pretty prevalent in my life. Don't get me wrong, I love this. I am entirely obsessed with the fact I get to wear comfortable clothes sweats all day. Now, it is important to note I don't leave the house in sweats... if I have an event or meeting, I put on a proper outfit. Even MORE important to note, I at least get presentable before Tim gets home ESPECIALLY if we have date night. But let's just agree that between the hours of 7AM and 4PM, I'm in yoga pants and a chunky knit sweater and/or t-shirt with the shape of Idaho on it. 

I realized that if I am going to insist on this daily uniform, I need to step up my game. While technically it is behind closed doors, I still feel frumpy and sloppy. Don't even get me started on how the FedEx man's judging eyes make me feel! So when I came across the darling site byLangley, I fell madly in love. Pajamas that are cozy and comfy and all of those good words that make you think of how soft your bed is- but somehow also stylish. Plus, when I went to roundup my favorite links... I saw they're having a sale this weekend. 25% off with code THANKS25 at checkout. The stars have aligned just so and I'll go ahead and continue my days as the host of the world's longest pajama party. 

Look 1:
Look 2:
Look 3: 
 bra // shorts // robe 

*This is NOT a sponsored post. I literally do wear my pajam-jams all day, every day... and simply found my dream solution to that problem. Happy Wednesday!! 


  1. I work from home also and have the exact same issue... so many clothes in my closet, but 5 days a week my drawer full of work out clothes and pajamas is the only one that sees any action! Definitely hitting up that site!! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  2. LOVE this. I seriously find it a waste to get dressed if I'm not leaving home. I'm in sweatpants literally until I have to leave. I'd feel so cool in some of these looks. I especially think I need that long robe!

  3. The jealousy I have about you working from home is consuming me right now!

    That tank in the middle photo is perfection - for lounging or otherwise! :)


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