Monday, December 3, 2012

Better Late...

In an attempt to clean up my computer/desktop/files/life, I found an old outfit that I never shared. It isn't THAT old... it was about 3 weeks ago while Lindy was here visiting. And while I re-learn the ins & outs of my new camera [it has been years since I've used an SLR, let alone a DSLR], I thought I may as well share it today:
sweater Express, old // top Zara // denim AG // bag Urban Outfitters // shoes Unknown // sunnies BP

Sorry for being so boring and what not. But what can I say? I wear really normal clothes like all of the time. I do like the trend these days of oversized tribal sweaters. You can be super-comfy but still look like you tried. I think.

This weekend, San Francisco was victim to basically what I would call a monsoon. I love the rain, and the city, like any big city, could always use a good rinse-off. All jokes aside, nothing makes me happier than being wrapped up in blankets with hot chocolate and good movies while the rain falls against the windows. Cheesy, I know. On Saturday, we ventured out of the apartment for a fun & festive party at Crystal's. Since we were all dressed up, instead of going straight home- we had dinner at one of our favorite spots. Sunday, the rain kept us from getting a Christmas tree- but we made up for it by making Christmas cookies [from an old family recipe]. This truly is the best time of the year!!  


  1. Those jeans fit you perfectly! And I'm glad you had such a cozy weekend.
    xo Josie

  2. Nice outfit!

  3. I agree, this oversized tribal sweater trend has really saved my closet, especially when I wear my "normal" clothes!

    Enjoy your Tuesday!
    Understated Classics

  4. I really like your blog because you dress in "normal" clothes all the time. It's stuff I would leave my house in and feel good about it.


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