Thursday, December 27, 2012

Leopard on a Lavender Farm.

sweater Target // burgundy tee Zara // denim AG // coat Michael Kors // necklace Stella & Dot // booties Kelsi Dagger 

Since being back in Idaho for the holidays, I am definitely missing the city life. While I am anxious to get back to my SF routine [my morning coffee, long walks in the city, and of course--- hanging out with my best friend every evening]... there is still something to be said for the quiet of the country. I love spending time out at my dad and stepmom's lavender farm. Did you know they had one? Does it explain 1/2 of the name of this blog? Is it as relaxing as it sounds? [Yes.]

I found it fairly exciting that I was wearing my new leopard booties on a lavender farm. My dad and I ventured out into the freezing cold to snap these photos. Of course, being the dead of winter- all of the lavender plants clearly aren't blooming. But let me tell you, this same exact spot in July is perhaps the most beautiful place in the world. 

When it is so cold, as we've recently seen, I just layer on my softest and warmest pieces. I feel like as an outfit, it has no choice but to just work because everything just sort of goes and I am warm and comfortable and that is just when I feel best. What is your go-to outfit in the winter? 


  1. Oh how neat! I love that they have a lavender farm. I am the same way, when I venture home to my mom and dad's place it is tucked away in the country far from good cell service and busy streets. It is nice to get away to that safe haven and unplug.

  2. Love that this post captures your blog's namesake so well! How beautiful is that farm?! Love it. And love your shoes of course. Hope you had such a wonderful Christmas and holiday with your family! And happy new year to you lady! xo

  3. Strangely enough, my lavender is exploding right now here in AZ. But I would take it in mass quantities


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