Monday, December 17, 2012

Manfriend // Menswear.

Everyone, meet Tim! Tim, this is everyone. I know you've all heard lots about each other- you've seen pictures of him and heard his name 160 times; he knows you exist because I keep writing this blog day after day and insisting people read it. So I thought- why not give him a proper style post?! He is way more stylish than I am, and basically if I were a boy- I'd dress like him. However I'm not a boy which is lucky because if I was I wouldn't be dating him. 

This is his typical uniform. Amazing boots [Boot Co. by Timberland], black pants [almost always by RVCA], a plaid shirt [vintage from Wasteland], and a jacket. Of course, each of these items vary day to day, but bravo to him for finding a uniform that suits him so well. Also bravo to him for going out with me every weekend and taking outfit pictures, and filling the role of photographer + subject so seamlessly. <3


Thank you for reading! xoKelli