Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Stylish Friend.

During the age of Pinterest, where so many of us grab our outfit inspiration from our computers, I love when I get inspired in real life. My oldest, dearest friend Tina showed up at my mom's house and I have to say, I was SO happy to see her. AND THEN... she looked so cute!! I love her whole look, head to toe! I have similar items in my closet, and must say... I'm recreating this ASAP. It is so funny how you get into this outfit routine... for example- I used to always wear necklaces layered under my collar. But, then I got out of the "routine" and the last few times I've reached for a collared shirt- I think "OH, I can't wear a necklace today because it will lay funny on the collar." How I magically forgot you could layer UNDER is beyond me. So for that, THANK YOU Miss Tina! 

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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  1. "Okay, now Tina, could you not point your finger?" hahahahaha :)


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