Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Favorites.

scarf H&M // sweater last seen here  // tee F21 // denim Current/Elliott // boots Rocket Dog // hairband as bracelet Anthropologie // ring antique

For today, the first official day of winter, I wanted to do a post featuring my "winter favorites." You're wondering what that even means, right? Well here is my theory: when it is freakin' cold outside, and you just want to stay in your house ALL DAY LONG, just go ahead and pile on all of your favorite pieces at once. Do they go together? Probably because they're your favorite things and they'll be reflective of your taste. I don't think the frigid cold should be a reason to avoid fashion--- but I also don't think you should allow yourself to FREEZE for the sake of fashion. 

In my example, I literally wore 5 of my favorite items in my closet, all at once. From the scarf to the boots, I just picked things that I wanted to wear. Things that are cozy, warm, and comfortable... and it worked. I love when that happens.

Now, I find all of this humorous because as mentioned yesterday... I'm currently in Boise and this "winter favorites look" simply won't do. As you read this, I am wearing every single warm thing I own... also all at once. That's what I get for traveling home and forgetting I took these photos last Sunday in SF.

ANYWAYS... I hope you all have an amazing weekend!! I am FINALLY getting my hair done [it is a Christmas Miracle!!] and catching up with my best friends. What do you have planned over the last few days before Christmas?


  1. Loving your favorites! Great sweater and boots!


  2. So pretty! I especially love the high low sweater layer mix! =D

  3. awesome !!! Merry Christmas!


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