Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WWL: Winter-Wear.

As I mentioned, I'll be traveling back to Boise for the holidays. While I lived there for 25 years... I pretty much adapted to California Winter in about 2 seconds. I was BORN to spend December surrounded by palm trees with twinkle lights & bask in temperatures reaching the 70s. I was making a list of what I needed to pack... and it involved a plethora of cotton scarves and thin knits and not a thing to keep me from dying of hypothermia. 

I'd turn into an icicle the moment those airport doors opened.

Turns out, I need to not only mentally prepare to have frostbitten ears, but I also need to physically prepare. As in, prepare my wardrobe. Since I have my SF staples down pat, I don't want to spend TOO much for a visit home. Forever21 is a pretty good answer for that. I know we're all supposed to pretend we stroll the streets in Marc Jacob's mittens and Juicy Couture earmuffs, and while sometimes that DOES HAPPEN, it isn't logical. Forever21 is such a reliable answer when you need something up-to-trend but don't want to spend money. Their winter-wear section is full of gems with nothing over $75.

 Here is what I'm eyeing... 

The key to buying winter-wear is making sure it is all mix & match. The thing is, you'll shed your coat and gloves the moment you arrive at your destination, so it really is a short-lived presentation unless of course you're on some sort of nature walk. My favorite neutrals this season are shades of blush, nude, and as always black & white. I can stay warm without compromising style. If you're in need of a cold-weather update, you can shop my picks below. Stay warm, kittens!! 


  1. I love that pretty coat!
    xo Josie

  2. Hhahah it truly is a short lived presentation. Forever 21 really is a good option for cute stuff to keep you warm. Love the picks, Kelli.

    xo, Amy

  3. I have those fingerless gloves. And I wear them nearly every day. Great choice!


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