Friday, March 30, 2012

Pink + Purple.




blazer H&M [similar online], dress BCBG [old], watch Michael Kors, clutch H&M [nearly identical one here], booties Vince Camuto [sold out :( similar here]

As you read the post title, you likely thought of "pink & purple" in the sense of a six year old's birthday party [princess theme]. Fortunately, in this post Lindy shows us it doesn't have to be that way. Her bright purple booties by Vince Camuto are absolutely GORGEOUS, but by adding the light pink blazer- the overall look is balanced and the boots aren't stealing the whole show.

What I love about this MOST is I'd always worn this BCBG dress as more of a 'garden party' sort of thing- meaning with sandals and wavy hair [read: CASUAL]. Lindy shows us that with the right additions- it can be professional or sassy or both if that's your thing. Thanks, Linders!!

[all photos c/o Nack Photography, hair & makeup c/o Deseree Garcia]

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Leopard and Lavender

Leopard and Lavender

Leopard and Lavender

Leopard and Lavender
dress Forever 21 [similar] sweater Forever 21 shoes Target bag Gucci [vintage]

First off, meet Jen! You'll be seeing lots of her [and her amazing style] around here for the next few weeks. She is one of my oldest friends [we met on the bus in 7th grade], and definitely one of the few people who understands my blogging obsession. In fact... she should probably have a blog of her own [she refuses].
ANYWAYS. I love how her dark hair looks with this bright, poppy colored dress. She kept accessories to a bare minimum [and in neutral hues] so that the vintage Gucci purse she is toting would make its beautiful statement.

If you're afraid of color-blocking, or think it just isn't for you- this would be a great way to ease on into things. Wear a bright dress with a contrasting boyfriend cardigan over the top. It is flattering, allows you two bold colors, but won't make you feel mismatched- a common complaint with the color blocking trend. It is also an easy way to start incorporating your dresses into your wardrobe [you know, if you're having a spring like us and are never sure if it will be sun or snow]. All in all, I love this look- and would be lying if it didn't make me immediately move my bright colored dresses to the front of my closet...

[photos c/o Nack Photography, hair & makeup c/o Deseree Garcia]

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shades of Grey.

Leopard and Lavender

Leopard and Lavender

Leopard and Lavender

Leopard and Lavender

Leopard and Lavender

Leopard and Lavender
dress [worn as skirt] Max and Cleo [old, but this TopShop one is great!!], top Old Navy, necklace Anthropologie, clutch Francesca's [similar], shoes BCBGeneration

I love taking pieces from my closet and making them something they're not- even if it is as simple [and painstakingly obvious] as a dress to a skirt. It is so silly all of the times I think I can't wear something because it is too fancy [AKA this dress screams "New Years Eve"], when really- the solution is to throw a cute tie-waisted top over it. This one is from Old Navy [and on clearance!!] and has become quite the staple piece this spring. Of course- you can use any old button up for this! I'd love to add some bright color to the metallic pleats for an entirely different outfit all together.

For my hair, Miss Dez did a bit of a forties look- which I've never done. I loved it! I also loved that Nicole paired the lines in the skirt with those of the Capitol building.

Hopefully this little ditty inspired you to re-purpose something [fancy or not] in your own closet!

[photos c/o Nack Photography, hair & makeup c/o Deseree' Garcia

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Look!

As you know, I recently partnered with Nack Photography & my hairstylist Deseree' Garcia for a special fashion shoot in downtown Boise, ID. I brought along some friends- my bestie Lindy [who you already know from L&L] and Jen... the gorgeous little thing with the long brown hair. Over the coming weeks, you'll see all of our favorites for spring style. Here is a little preview:

As with any shoot- there are far more photos than I can post here. For exclusive photos [and out takes!], be sure to LIKE L&L on Facebook. And be sure to check here daily for outfit details, shopping tips, and the rest of the shots from our spring look book!

[all photos c/o Nack Photography. Hair and makeup c/o Deseree Garcia]

Monday, March 26, 2012

What a Weekend.

Spring has arrived in Idaho [along with its friend, Daylight Savings]- meaning I can enjoy a few hours of sunlight after I leave the office AND the warmer weather is perfect for a late run.  

Roxanne and her whiskers forcing me to get up for the day. 

The view from my dad's backyard [and the gorgeous chairs he built- my stepmom picked the bright colors]! Once these debut, summer is surely close.

I stopped by my favorite local boutique [Fancy Pants] and was one smitten kitten with these Dolce Vita sandals.

All of the new arrivals at Fancy Pants. If only this was a view of my personal closet...

Enjoying BFF Brunch with Lindy @ The Tavern

My apologies for the late posting...  Hope you had a wonderful Monday!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

l'amour du jour: Nack Photography

Today's l'amour du jour is about a local photographer, Nicole Hill of Nack Photography. She has vintage inspired photos that I adore. When my good friend Jillian told me her engagement photos would be on an antique bed in the middle of the lake, I wasn't really sure what she was even talking about [though I promise I trusted her vision]. When I finally saw the finished results [below], I was floored. So cute, unique, and really showcase the love between Jill and her fiance Andrew.

Nack 1

nack 2

Nicole is also an established wedding photographer [and travels all over to shoot weddings, like the one in Montana, below]. She is very detail oriented, so I like browsing her shots because you can see very specific tidbits of weddings or events that the guests may not have even noticed.

nack 3

nack 4

SO you're probably wondering why I am writing about wedding photography if I'm not engaged. Great question, really it is. Well- Nicole and I partnered up [with my amazing hairstylist Dez] on an exicting project, and she dropped off the results in this cute little package:

I can't wait to share the pictures with you all over the next few weeks!! In the meantime, you can check out her website or like Nack Photography on Facebook. There are TONS & tons of really great photos- all beautiful and beyond inspiring!! Enjoy :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Casual Success.

On Monday morning, I was in a mad rush to get ready for work AND take my boyfriend to the airport so he could return to SF [sad]. I threw on clothes without much thought, and he proclaimed "DARLING, you're ADORABLE!" [Maybe not in ALL CAPS like that but I like to think so]. And he asked if he could snap my photo and this is what I came up with "pose wise." 

He was insistent that I looked precious and I obviously thought that was really nice- but of course, he is supposed to think that. So after I dropped him off and got all bummed out he was gone... I made my way to the office. Where I promptly received a MILLION compliments! [4. I received four compliments.] I thought holy smokes, maybe this sweater is magic and I then decided that you readers would probably enjoy seeing it too! So, Lindy snapped a little detail shot and here it is for you:

sweater Old Navy [old, similar here] jeans AG loafers [old, similar HERE]

It is always SO nice when the outfits that are the most rushed [and thoughtless] turn out the best. Even if the sweater is the one doing all the work.

Kitty Couture.

I really wish this was some sort of staged photo shoot, but it just wasn't. Have you ever tried to get a cat to pose?? IMPOSSIBLE. The other night I walked out into our living room, and Lindy's cat Lily was engulfed in last month's Vogue. In fact, she got a little irritated I interrupted to take her picture. I mean, whatever, Lily... I wasn't aware you could read- but that's okay, we like the pictures too. 

Hopefully this doesn't affect her body image in any way. She can be a sensitive little thing. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

J Ryde Visuals

My brother [Jake Ryder] is pretty much one billion times cooler than me. That is sort of something I can't help but I mean, I enjoy it because I get to bask in his coolness and be inspired by whatever he is up to.

I write a lot and know how to color coordinate things, but he is an incredible artist and creates things that liven up a whole house. For example, he built me this gorgeous candle holder out of glass and steel:

jryde candle

jryde candle

jryde candle

Clearly, this is the coolest thing I own. Even Roxanne the Cat is into it. Now, if you're anything like me- you're still stuck on the sentence "he built me this gorgeous candle holder out of glass and steel." Did you know you could just BUILD things out of glass and steel? Shoot, even as I typed that I felt silly- but I typically associate glass and steel with big buildings and not necessarily something so delicate and beautiful... like this. And he does just that with his business, J Ryde Visuals.

So: the base is fabricated out of steel and the custom fused glass adds that "pop of color" business people can't stop raving about. The holder is 12" tall and perfect for a tall table candle. That being said, this is perfect for a table at say, a dinner party, if you're into that sort of thing. Or, you can be like me and rotate it around your house frequently because you're indecisive so you put it on your bookshelf and desk and dining table. Currently, it is on my bookshelf and the light is shining in through the window and the glass is gently illuminated without the candle even being lit... stunning.

My brother thought ahead and is selling these in sets of two at his Etsy Shop HERE. This is great if you have a longer table or you just like symmetry. The height and color of the candle holder is so tasteful, that adding a second one would really make a gorgeous statement in any home.

And, of course, it'd be silly to assume he was only into candle holders. You maybe have seen the link to his website on the left sidebar of L&L. If you have, you're all too familiar with the furniture and freakbikes and if you just read that and thought "what is a freakbike??" then I think your only option is to click and find out.

Right now in his shop, he has got two pieces I am really longing for: the street sign table [which adds an adorable bit of orange to the room] OR the skateboard chair [to make me seem cooler than I am].

Except... really, right? I think that my house has gotten TOO girly, which IS a thing ladies, and like the candle holder- these furniture items would really help me out by adding a little edge. And isn't that the goal of my blog anyways? Finding a balance- in life or just in decor. If you're looking to take your decor a hint in the other direction, check out J Ryde Visuals. Tell him his dweeby little sister sent you! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ballerina in Boots.

Boots Hive & Honey Sweatshirt Juicy Couture [seen originally in THIS POST from my old blog]

Well, hello my lovelies. This morning I found myself in a predicament. I was well aware it was the first day of Spring, because I drew all over the date on my calendar with highlighters [flowers, butterflies, that sort of thing]. But, my drawing was interpretive and in no way a reality. Because I woke up to a horrific blizzard. By blizzard, I mean precipitation in the form of snowflakes that don't stick to the ground but DO ruin your hair. I wanted to be warm but seasonally appropriate. So I dressed my top half for spring [like a ballerina, no less] by throwing on a lightweight Juicy sweatshirt with a tutu or something attached. And I put leggings and boots on my bottom half and I trotted out the door.

I, of course, promptly got soaked during said "trot" and my hair went right into a ponytail resulting in this photo being from the waist down only. ANYWAYS, I didn't want to leave you hanging because I was quite proud of this get up so I assumed [hopefully correctly] that you'd enjoy this little Instagram treat from my outfit on the first day of [snowy] spring. 

PS: Those boots are on MAJOR MAJOR sale HERE. They're comfortable and great for winter and now would be a great time to buy for next year, in case you were curious!

Friday, March 16, 2012


With another weekend upon us, I can't help but stress the importance of DE-stressing. [See what I did there?] You seriously should allow yourself [aka your brain] the 48 hours to shut up and relax. I once watched a documentary on stress, and basically it can kill you [except really, gross]. It causes headaches and belly aches, zits [fact], emotional problems [makes you nutty-bananas and not in a good way], and if you want me to get drastic... has been linked to cancer [cue scary music].

Some ways to perhaps battle this would be allowing yourself a little extra sleep [as I do every Saturday and Sunday], partaking in exercise [perhaps a hike or some light stretching, you know, whatever your energy levels allow], or spending quality time with friends, say, maybe preparing brunch with friends:

Yes, that is an actual photo of mine and Lindy's yard side [that means we ate on our porch] brunch from last Saturday. I used the recipe from this post, but adapted it by using Crescent Rolls instead of bread annnnnd it was glorious. YUM.
As for THIS weekend, I have company coming [of the man-friend variety], arriving late tonight- and am SO looking forward to some R&R with my favorite person.  We have a lot of splendid plans, the primary one being enjoying each other's presence and so my guess is my stress will be at ZERO come Monday. Hooray! Happy weekend, everybody!! :)

Life According to Instagram.

 Life has been pretty bonkers, as per usual, but without fail I have my trusty iPhone in hand to document it. Here are a few tidbits & nick nacks & bits & pieces & what have you from my life. In order of appearance...

1. Stacked necklaces with a trusty sweater, 2. There is always time for a margarita, 3. Leopard pants and Ray Bans, 4. Lindy on one of our numerous BFF dinner dates, 5. Work is handled with a purple planner and Hello Kitty gel pens, 6. Stripes + Leopard, 7. & 8. Details around my room. **click any photo if your heart so desires to see it in a larger form**

Happy Friday!