Friday, September 28, 2012

Time for a Change.

I am fairly certain you probably noticed that I didn't really post that often this week. Or really at all since moving here. I don't even understand what has been going on. I've been feeling in this major rut. I was worried it had to do with the move, or the city, or something that I really thought was going great- and maybe it wasn't. Turns out, it was just me. So, in my typical style... I did something impulsive and I feel really good about it. In fact, I must say... my creative void has been filled. I feel happy & confident, and I'm ready to get going on blogging full-time again. You see,  since moving- so much has changed [in a good way] but I was feeling a little lost. I was feeling down on myself, and just wasn't inspired- probably because I just felt crummy. I needed something to get back to myself, and recharge my batteries. Something to say "I'm here SF, let's do this." So what was the miracle cure?

Bye, bye Blondie! 

Funny how one little thing can make all the difference.

I hope you have a great weekend!! 

Bright Little Bow

bow c/o // sunnies Target // sweater H&M // jeans Gap [old, similar] // shoes Target // purse Old Navy [old] // necklace Stella & Dot // watch Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Hellllllooo & Happy Friday! I snapped these pictures last week and am just now getting around to sharing them because I am pretty silly but I think we all knew that. So something I've really been struggling with since moving to the Bay is [prepare for things to get vain around here] I CAN'T HANDLE MY HAIR. Like, if I could go back in time and tell you what I was "most nervous about before moving," I'd say "what I'm going to do with my mop." I grew up in the desert and apparently took all that dry air for granted all those years. I mean, I have never experienced walking outside and whatever I've done be completely ruined by the fog. Or wind. Or a killer combination of both of those things. Sigh, rant over. But let's just say I've had to adjust because gone are my days of curling my hair and it being set until the next day. 

Now, I finally understand why so many gals here wear their hair up in buns and ponytails. It all actually makes sense. 

In a matter of weeks, I've completely mastered the ballerina bun [and adopted the new nickname of bunhead], AS WELL AS the high-pony, shown here. But I can't handle it by itself, so once again... comes to the rescue. This perfect bow bobbi has made this whole up-do business bearable. In a bright yellow hue, my stupid hair suddenly is happy and willing to look this way. In fact, by adding the bow... I maybe PREFER putting my hair up and rocking the look. It is much better than the windblown mess I was trying to make happen. 

As for the outfit, we've got yet another example of what I wear 100% of the time. Sweater and flats. However, I will say I dug out these old jeans and forgot how much I really love them. They made their way right into my weekly rotation, yet again. 

ANYWHO, I hope you all have an amazing weekend... but hang tight, because I am double posting today and will basically be right back. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I wear my heart.

When it comes to going out, I always feel like I'm in a panic putting together an outfit. I am not one for super-glam, I don't particularly love anything too tight or loud or stupid. SO, I adopted a trend many years ago that I'd just go for black. Always. And it seems to work so far. 

But sometimes, I need a little something else... which is where comes into play. My personality is not monotone, I am definitely not an "all-black" outfit kind of girl [yet I am, I know]. SO, I thoroughly enjoy adding that little sumthin-sumthin via the heart. I have had this heart clipped on my purse for a few weeks [because I need sequins in my day-to-day], but when it came time for a fancy dinner out... I thought it made the perfect addition to my noggin. 

It is the perfect remedy to all-black-boring, and I love, LOVE, wearing it out. 

***sidenote: they just released their adorable heart clutch this week. it is definitely my next purchase!! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sale Alert!!

This is not today's intended post, but I thought I should pop in really quick to share an exciting sale! My Polka-Dot Superga Sneakers are on major sale at J.Crew right now. 
I have worn these non stop since I got them [you can see them here & here], and they are so comfortable without compromising style. I LOVE. Just thought you'd want to know! :) 

Also, it looks like if you want to buy them through J.Crew, if you use the code LOVEIT at checkout, you get an additional 30% off. My calculations show that to be $35 freaking dollars. BOOM. Happy shopping!! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

wwl: Madewell

So, I'm becoming borderline obsessed with Madewell. I knew having one in SF would be an exciting change for my wardrobe, but I've been and good girl and have been withholding from shopping too much. As in, I'm not really shopping at all. SO, when I happened upon a $25.00 gift card in my Birchbox, I knew the stars were aligning and I should treat myself to something delightful for fall.

The thing is, I can't decide what I want. So I'm leaving it to you- leave a comment saying which item I should splurge on!

1. The super sweet Silk Swingdot Boy Shirt...
2. Counting Sheep Sweater... hello, cutest thing ever!
3. The beyond adorable Bow Sweater,
4. or... the amazing Artdot Novelist Shirtdress.
You can see why I'm having such a hard time. I want them ALL. So indecisive, but I don't think I can be blamed because Madewell is to die for. SO, like I said, leave a comment with your vote!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pink Martini

sweater H&M // denim AG // sneakers Superga // bag Old Navy [old] // necklace Target [old, similar] // sunnies Target 

My favorite outfit of all time goes like THIS: a loose fitting top, cuffed jeans, a sparkly necklace, and sneakers. Bonus points if pink and polka dots make the cut. So, here we have some poor quality photos of me [doing essentially the same pose, over and over] in literally my favorite outfit. And you know, I feel really good about that. Let's be clear, I feel REALLY GOOD about the outfit part and only OKAY about the posing part. I just sometimes feel like I should hire someone to wear exactly what I wear every day, and I can take photos of THEM. Is that a thing? If so, apply in the comments, I guess. 

These were snapped on our way to breakfast in Carmel. It is probably one of my favorite destinations now. Shopping, good food, and the beach! I know my outfit isn't very "beachy," but we were heading back to the city shortly after so you do not get a "beach themed" outfit post today. I hope you don't mind. I spent the entire morning searching for a very specific art gallery, but was unable to find it. I GUESS we'll just have to go back again soon. :)

I realize now that I forgot a detail shot of the shoes- so if you're curious, check 'em here.  ALSO, I've worn this necklace a billion times on this blog- but as you can see it is an old Target find. Good news for YOU [the ones who always say you wish you had it], there finally is a replica of sorts.

WELL I think that is enough rambling for today. Except, of course, to tell you where the name of today's post came from. My favorite song is Hang On Little Tomato, by Pink Martini. If you ever have a bad day, or even a good day, I just really suggest listening to it and maybe twirling around your room. Just... an idea. OKAY have a great day, everyone!! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Instagram Jam.

Monday's are normally reserved for  my "What a Weekend" posts. But this weekend, we went to Carmel for a little getaway and believe it or not... I "unplugged." Like, I put my phone in my purse and just enjoyed the time away. We stayed at a really cute B&B, had wine and pizza, sat on the beach, and wandered through art galleries. Oh, and I ate an ungodly amount of waffles for breakfast. I don't regret a single bite of those waffles, either. But, with no phone- there are no photos! So, in leiu of that- here is a quick view of my life lately [according to Instagram]. If you're on Insta, follow along! My username is @kelliryder.

**click any of the photos to enlarge them**
1. A little drawing on the chalkboard wall in our kitchen. Living with an artist is fun, living with 2 cats though... is not always fun. Especially when one is a terrorist.
2. My favorite lunch. Kraft Mac & Cheese... spirals. Obviously. 
3. Maven. Location for my new favorite cocktail. 
4. Heading across the Bay Bridge back into the city. I think at some point I'm supposed to act like a local and stop taking photos while on the Bay Bridge... I haven't quite gotten there yet.
5. I came out from a long day of working at my desk to discover our dining room is now a gorgeous grey. 
6. Some pretty yellow blooms to celebrate our one year anniversary.
7. No better way to spend a morning than pouring over the gorgeous pages of Rue Magazine
8. Heading to Carmel for our little escape.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend [and more importantly, that you made it through Monday]!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Lip Color.

A few posts ago [this one to be exact], my friend Tina asked what lip color I was wearing. And... if you're ready, here is the most boring but [what I see as] refreshing answer ever:
Smith's Rosebud Salve. In the tube, not the tub. 

This is what I have on my lips about 100% of the time. I own a lot of lip glosses and lipsticks, but I sort of feel silly in lipstick sometimes. And it is all about feeling like yourself [per yesterday's post], right? So this is it, this is my go-to. and is my favorite item in my beauty cabinet. It is a soft pink, but doesn't really tint too much. It has a nice shine without being sticky. And I love it dearly.

Don't forget, you can always ask questions and I'll [probably] answer them in a post! I hope you have a great weekend!!

flower design by Alyssa Nasser

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sigh. Ladies.

So, I should keep my mouth shut on this one, but I can't. Famous last words, right?

There are a lot of blog posts circulating these days regarding "dressing for yourself vs. dressing for a man."

And I'm sorry, but what? This is a thing?? I can't even.

The mention of statement necklaces, top knots, maxi dresses and red lipstick are being repeated over and over. Apparently men hate these things, and if you want your man to love you- then you shouldn't wear them.

And so I sighed the heaviest of sighs in all of the land.

If I am not mistaken, the best thing you can wear is confidence. If you feel smokin' hot in a maxi dress WITH a statement necklace PLUS a top knot AND the reddest [or hot pink-est] lips anyone has ever seen, go for it. If you feel good in a skin tight bandage dress and sky-high heels, then wear it. If you feel most like yourself in double-denim, then by all means, get that Canadian Tuxedo on your body ASAP.

And if "your man" has a "problem" with it, like a serious problem- then I have upsetting news... I don't think your relationship has been built on the proper foundation.

Now, don't get me wrong, I understand putting a new look together and feeling 100% uncertain about it- you don't know if those pants work with that top or if your eyeliner makes you look like a raccoon. You wander to the living room and say "honey... does this... look okay?" and they say no and so you change it and repeat the process. Advice is one thing. But dressing WITH the intention of making your significant other happy, that is annoying. I'm sorry to every single blog reader I lose by saying that, but it is annoying.

You see, your significant other should be happy when you feel good about yourself, and are happy with yourself, and feel like you could conquer the world. THAT is what they should want for you- for you to have the most self-esteem possible. NOT for you to look like an object that they enjoy by the standards that they have set.

The whole point of my blog post is this: 

When you get dressed in the morning, wear what makes YOU happy. Put on your favorite outfit, do your hair and makeup just how you like, and try to have the best day of your life ever. Because you look awesome JUST LIKE THAT.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

wwl: black label

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5
UMM let's take a moment to just soak up the pretty. 

Now that we've done that, why don't we talk about what is happening here. Everyone's favorite accessory line,, has taken things to the next level- and therefore more than earned a Wednesday Wish List post. I wish, I wish, to have everything I'm seeing here. And if I don't get the headband in the upper right, I will die [probably]. 

So if you're not familiar with, allow me to make an introduction. Started by 2 cute girls in 2008, their goal is to bring whimsy to our lives with modern sparkly accessories. Surely you've seen this gem before? Their stuff is girly and great and my go-to for adding some fancy.

Today, they released their [much anticipated] black label. Described by them it's cotton candy, cash money, and champagne. By me? To die for. Unique, handcrafted pieces made entirely with love. And like nothing you've ever seen before. 

Go take a look as quick as you can, and while you're there- check out their blog. It is my daily dose of inspiration. 

Rue Turns Two!

I am so excited to share that the 2 year anniversary issue of Rue Magazine is LIVE. As some of you know, I recently started an internship with Rue Magazine and am working as an editorial assistant. So, you could say, I am doing everything I had set my hopes on doing upon arriving in San Francisco. :)

Pretty. Dang. Exciting.

So without further adieu, go to and peep the new issue! The team (Crystal, Victoria, Maia, and Kat) did an incredible job and I am humbled to be working with such inspiring gals.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sweet treats.

I keep it no secret that I'm a sucker for the details. So when I saw these sweet treats at West Elm... I wanted to go home and throw everything in our cupboards out the window. Funny how a printed bowl and simply the idea of owning metal straws is enough to inspire an entire kitchen.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Change Your Spots.

L&L Change Your Spots
L&L Change
Your Spots
L&L Change
Your Spots
sweater Gap // denim Current/Elliott // bag Target // shoes BCBGeneration // watch Marc by Marc Jacobs

"A leopard cannot change his spots."

UMM. Yes he can. That is a famous proverb, apparently, but I regret to inform everyone it is actually not true. I changed my spots this morning! I wear leopard a lot [see: here, here, here, and here], but today I am wearing white + navy leopard. So in fact, I've changed my spots fairly quickly. That is just how I live my life, proving proverbs wrong. And wearing coral pants a lot.

A note on this sweater: it is ridiculously cozy and soft. Surprisingly cozy and soft. So if you're looking for a fashionable fall staple that will also make you love your life and not hate how cold it is, this is the one for you. TRUST ME.

Hope you're having a good Monday!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pretty Pretty, Bang Bang.

My uniform as of late has been the same each day. Skinny jeans, ballet flats, and a loose-fitting basic. WHAT, you might ask, is a loose fitting basic? You know... a button up blouse, a pull over sweater, a basic v-neck. All loose fitting. Pretty basic. I am working on changing that [as I realized all of my clothing was so lonesome and Vitamin D deprived hanging in my closet]. 

So it goes without saying that I started adding pizazz to get back on track. These earrings that my brother made have been an absolute life saver. And yes, they are from a Dick Tracy action figure. So, they're small, light weight, and also say "don't mess with me." Because some days you just have to put that message out there. 

It looks like the earrings sold out on his Etsy page, but earrings were just a little extra thing in the big picture. He makes insane custom furniture and decor. His Facebook has all the deets and some cool photos. None of me, which is weird since I'm his sister and all, but some really cool photos. Take it little look and support someone who has known me literally my entire life. :)


These little treats are from a shop in Nopa [the name of my neighborhood] called Rare Device. Being 1/2 of a long distance couple for so long meant that I often received little treats in the mail, like this necklace and earrings. I got the necklace first with a very sweet card that said "This is from a store down the street. The artist who made this necklace is Minoux, out of Portland, OR. Might make a cool blog post." It said other things on the card too, but they're private. ;)

That was sent about ... 7 months ago? And I never did the blog post, even though I wore the necklace most days of the week! Oops. THEN I got the earrings as an early birthday present. I loved them as well, and so RD was added to my list of places to visit upon arrival in the city. It is a quick walk from our place, and is full of everything I'd want to look at. Jewelry, art, stationary, terrariums, books, nail polish, etc. etc. etc. 

The last time I was there, I got this cute little notebook which has helped me entirely organize my thoughts. By organize, I mean scribble them onto a few pieces of paper for later review.

For those of you in the Bay Area, I highly suggest a visit. For those who aren't, count your lucky stars because they're online.  

Saturday, September 8, 2012


This is where I'd normally be like WHOA... you guys... I went so long without blogggggging. But how many times can I do that, you know? I just won't do it this time. So instead, here is my photo post:

Having wine and cheese :) with new friend Tina at Mission Cheese

The view from below at Vinyl

Down by the water to check out the America's Cup.

A morning walk led me here.

A foggy day at Golden Gate Park.

New favorite drink!! Death in the Afternoon at Maven. [champagne with absinthe sorbet]

Another case of the breakfast in bed. I am counting my blessings, that is for sure.


Gorgeous view of my new home from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Some delightful little treats. 

Hello, gorgeous. 

Anyways, sorry for the extended "away." I've been awfully busy and knew you'd understand. 

I am excited to tell you though... that I just finished my first Photoshop lesson! I was complaining about not being able to afford a class... and was quickly reminded that I live with an expert. See you guys? Complaining can get you things! Just kidding, it really can't. But in this one case, it worked out for me. SO the whole point of that little story is that there will be some neat stuff coming to this space. Hooray!