Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve.

As I do each New Years Eve, I've been reflecting on the past year of my life. And let me tell you... I think it has been the best one yet. I am deeply humbled by the twists and turns my life has taken over the past 12 months, and often find myself questioning... "is this real life??" And alas, somehow it is. When I really sit back to say thanks for this year, humbled isn't a grand enough word. 

This morning, I pulled up my little file of "New Years Resolutions" I created last year. I am pleased to say I accomplished every single thing on my list. EXCEPT FOR.... going mostly vegetarian and weighing my high school weight [HA!]. Wah wah. I added those to my year-long goals for next year. We'll see. ;)

The above quote summarizes perfectly how I feel when each new year rolls around, and I feel like 2012 was the first year I truly applied to it. While we can't change the situations or circumstances we're handed, we can change ourselves. When you apply that method of living- great things happen. 

Wishing you all a fun, festive, LAST night of 2012!

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Stylish Friend.

During the age of Pinterest, where so many of us grab our outfit inspiration from our computers, I love when I get inspired in real life. My oldest, dearest friend Tina showed up at my mom's house and I have to say, I was SO happy to see her. AND THEN... she looked so cute!! I love her whole look, head to toe! I have similar items in my closet, and must say... I'm recreating this ASAP. It is so funny how you get into this outfit routine... for example- I used to always wear necklaces layered under my collar. But, then I got out of the "routine" and the last few times I've reached for a collared shirt- I think "OH, I can't wear a necklace today because it will lay funny on the collar." How I magically forgot you could layer UNDER is beyond me. So for that, THANK YOU Miss Tina! 

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Little Leggies.

coat Michael Kors // sunnies Nordstrom // sweater Target // tee Zara // leggings C&C // boots Hive & Honey // leggies c/o Younique

While it appears I wear boots every single day... I'm actually relatively new to the whole boot fan club. In fact, this pair was my first pair ever- purchased last winter! One issue I've had since crossing into boot territory is that I've always wanted to try that whole knee-socks with boots look... but knee-socks get all bunchy or feel tight at my ankles [which is super stressful]. This pair of Leggies by Younique seriously solved all of my problems. With cute little buttons and lace at the top, they add that 'something extra' without ruining my life. I am looking forward to getting back to SF so I can wear them without leggings or tights. 

Speaking of getting back to SF... I am flying home tonight!! While I've loved every moment with my friends and family, I definitely miss my sweet little apartment, my kittens, and my best friend. Plus, since he and I were apart at Christmas, I get to play Santa tomorrow morning! If you have any fun brunch recipes, I'd love it if you left them in the comments!! :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Leopard on a Lavender Farm.

sweater Target // burgundy tee Zara // denim AG // coat Michael Kors // necklace Stella & Dot // booties Kelsi Dagger 

Since being back in Idaho for the holidays, I am definitely missing the city life. While I am anxious to get back to my SF routine [my morning coffee, long walks in the city, and of course--- hanging out with my best friend every evening]... there is still something to be said for the quiet of the country. I love spending time out at my dad and stepmom's lavender farm. Did you know they had one? Does it explain 1/2 of the name of this blog? Is it as relaxing as it sounds? [Yes.]

I found it fairly exciting that I was wearing my new leopard booties on a lavender farm. My dad and I ventured out into the freezing cold to snap these photos. Of course, being the dead of winter- all of the lavender plants clearly aren't blooming. But let me tell you, this same exact spot in July is perhaps the most beautiful place in the world. 

When it is so cold, as we've recently seen, I just layer on my softest and warmest pieces. I feel like as an outfit, it has no choice but to just work because everything just sort of goes and I am warm and comfortable and that is just when I feel best. What is your go-to outfit in the winter? 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Faux Christmas Eve.

dress Vintage from Wasteland // tights Free People // shoes C-Label // necklaces Stella & Dot, Macy's

This is what I "wore" for Christmas Eve. That actually means I put it on with ALL intentions of wearing it to my family gathering, but then I changed into these pants instead. And because I'm an honest little blogger, I am letting you know I literally only wore this outfit for about 12 minutes. 

It isn't that I don't like this outfit, I actually like it quite a bit. I just wasn't entirely comfortable, and as always- fashion is always about being comfortable [at least on this blog]. So I swapped the green tights for burgundy pants, and threw on a chunky black sweater. It was just what I needed to be wearing when I saw all my favorite kiddos and curled up by the fire to play a riveting game of Tea Party. 

Sorry for being a bit MIA. Just my luck- I've come down with quite the chest cold. I don't know why it is called a "cold" when my lungs are ON FIRE... but tomato-toMAHto. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with loved ones! As always, thank you so much for reading- and I'll see you tomorrow!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Favorites.

scarf H&M // sweater last seen here  // tee F21 // denim Current/Elliott // boots Rocket Dog // hairband as bracelet Anthropologie // ring antique

For today, the first official day of winter, I wanted to do a post featuring my "winter favorites." You're wondering what that even means, right? Well here is my theory: when it is freakin' cold outside, and you just want to stay in your house ALL DAY LONG, just go ahead and pile on all of your favorite pieces at once. Do they go together? Probably because they're your favorite things and they'll be reflective of your taste. I don't think the frigid cold should be a reason to avoid fashion--- but I also don't think you should allow yourself to FREEZE for the sake of fashion. 

In my example, I literally wore 5 of my favorite items in my closet, all at once. From the scarf to the boots, I just picked things that I wanted to wear. Things that are cozy, warm, and comfortable... and it worked. I love when that happens.

Now, I find all of this humorous because as mentioned yesterday... I'm currently in Boise and this "winter favorites look" simply won't do. As you read this, I am wearing every single warm thing I own... also all at once. That's what I get for traveling home and forgetting I took these photos last Sunday in SF.

ANYWAYS... I hope you all have an amazing weekend!! I am FINALLY getting my hair done [it is a Christmas Miracle!!] and catching up with my best friends. What do you have planned over the last few days before Christmas?

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rainy Days.

hat Target // sweater Target // jacket Old Navy // denim AG // sneaks Superga

This last weekend, while still in my beloved San Francisco, the rain was coming down. Many people would say "it was raining cats and dogs." I would not, because if it was ACTUALLY raining cats and dogs, that would be awesome and I don't think it is fair to joke about something so rad. While I've been coveting Hunter Boots for[what seems like]ever, I still don't have a pair- and my other go-to rainboots recently bit the dust. So I threw on my trusty Supergas and we headed out the door. As you can see, I've got a bit of a thing for hats lately. As you can also see, I clearly made a trip to City Target hence the hat + sweater combo. Now that I am shivering away in Boise, I'm still wearing the hat + sweater combo... but I've traded the jacket for a peacoat and the sneaks for boots. I love how seamlessly the hat + sweater combo got me from one climate to another. As they say on Instagram, Target does it again.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


sweater Express, old, similar // belt F21, old, similar // denim Hudson // flats Steve Madden 

I bought this sweater on major clearance in Seattle last winter, but it didn't get a ton of use. Then, I saw this pin--- and while we can all agree my look is vastly different ---I love how mine turned out. Inspiration works in funny ways. I saw that image and loved everything about her look. When I started "recreating" it in my own closet, I made it work with my boring normal personal style. And to be honest, that is how it should be. I feel it would be totally embarrassing to wear item-for-item what Mira wore. Unless it was Halloween, then we'd call it a costume. 

I also totally love this whole short-sleeve sweater business. While SF has been "cold" the past few days, it hasn't been the cold I grew up with. This sweater helps me transition into winter-wear, but I'm not sweating buckets either. It's a miraculous invention for those who like to mix style + seasons... AKA the mountain girl who one day up and transplanted herself to California. AKA me.  

Monday, December 17, 2012

Manfriend // Menswear.

Everyone, meet Tim! Tim, this is everyone. I know you've all heard lots about each other- you've seen pictures of him and heard his name 160 times; he knows you exist because I keep writing this blog day after day and insisting people read it. So I thought- why not give him a proper style post?! He is way more stylish than I am, and basically if I were a boy- I'd dress like him. However I'm not a boy which is lucky because if I was I wouldn't be dating him. 

This is his typical uniform. Amazing boots [Boot Co. by Timberland], black pants [almost always by RVCA], a plaid shirt [vintage from Wasteland], and a jacket. Of course, each of these items vary day to day, but bravo to him for finding a uniform that suits him so well. Also bravo to him for going out with me every weekend and taking outfit pictures, and filling the role of photographer + subject so seamlessly. <3

Magnolia Morning.

If you've read this blog before, you know brunching is perhaps my all time favorite activity. As much as I hate getting out of bed in the morning, I LOVE getting mimosas & french toast. Here is why: I enjoy carbonation immensely. There is no carbonated coffee that really I'm aware of, and I like to start my day with bubbles. I do this with refreshing champagne in the disguise of a mimosa. In addition to that, I like that breakfast food is often times just sugar. Like, you can order actual cake at brunch and it isn't inappropriate. Lastly, I really just like being around a table filled with loved ones. You can talk and laugh and the only task on your plate is to sit and enjoy brunch. 

Tim and I have gone to Magnolia many times to enjoy burgers & beers, but this weekend we arrived there before noon... and I am so glad we did. It was pouring rain which is gross, but I loved sitting at the window watching people & umbrellas run past. The mimosa had a lot of pulp, which made me feel like I was getting vitamins. And the french toast... I don't even know where to begin. Cinnamon, bourbon whipped cream, roasted peaches... I KNOW. So if you ever find yourself in San Francisco, make Magnolia a must visit on your list.  

What did you do this weekend?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Dream Bedroom.

Yesterday, I was honored to be featured over on the Crane & Canopy blog! After all the inspiration last week, I jumped at the chance to create my dream room around their amazing bedding.

I obviously went the girly-glam route, using their gorgeous Vista bedding in Lilac as my starting point. Having felt all of the Crane & Canopy bedding first hand... I know just how luxurious and soft it is. I've always imagined a bedroom with metallic grays, soft purples, and just a little sparkle. Playing off the lilac in the bedding, I got to work:
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Look at that, all of my bedroom woes solved. I guess it really does take one little bit of inspiration and you're off! Be sure to check out their blog- and major thanks to the gals of Crane & Canopy for having me as their guest!! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Very Christmas, Part 2.

We were a little late on decorating the apartment for Christmas. Between work + lounging around, the holidays snuck up on us quickly! So last weekend, we grabbed a wreath from Whole Foods. We didn't want to be the only Grinches in the apartment building. Yet, even with a wreath, it looked awfully boring and sad on our door. 

Cue: to the rescue. Using some of my favorite goodies [the heart & the metallic pom pom flower] to channel my inner Martha was the best idea I've had all year. SUDDENLY- not only are we festive, but we're fashionable!  

I'm also pleased to say that my romantic boyfriend made Christmas OH-SO-MERRY last night when he showed up at home with a tree in hand. And I'll say it... it is the most beautiful little tree I've ever seen. Hot chocolate by the twinkling lights makes for one happy household. 

**for you fans- you can get 20% off site wide with the code "feelpretty" at checkout. happy shopping!**

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WWL: Winter-Wear.

As I mentioned, I'll be traveling back to Boise for the holidays. While I lived there for 25 years... I pretty much adapted to California Winter in about 2 seconds. I was BORN to spend December surrounded by palm trees with twinkle lights & bask in temperatures reaching the 70s. I was making a list of what I needed to pack... and it involved a plethora of cotton scarves and thin knits and not a thing to keep me from dying of hypothermia. 

I'd turn into an icicle the moment those airport doors opened.

Turns out, I need to not only mentally prepare to have frostbitten ears, but I also need to physically prepare. As in, prepare my wardrobe. Since I have my SF staples down pat, I don't want to spend TOO much for a visit home. Forever21 is a pretty good answer for that. I know we're all supposed to pretend we stroll the streets in Marc Jacob's mittens and Juicy Couture earmuffs, and while sometimes that DOES HAPPEN, it isn't logical. Forever21 is such a reliable answer when you need something up-to-trend but don't want to spend money. Their winter-wear section is full of gems with nothing over $75.

 Here is what I'm eyeing... 

The key to buying winter-wear is making sure it is all mix & match. The thing is, you'll shed your coat and gloves the moment you arrive at your destination, so it really is a short-lived presentation unless of course you're on some sort of nature walk. My favorite neutrals this season are shades of blush, nude, and as always black & white. I can stay warm without compromising style. If you're in need of a cold-weather update, you can shop my picks below. Stay warm, kittens!! 

[Coffee Table] Bookworm.

I realize that I'm the only blogger in town who didn't do any gift guides this year. There are a few reasons I've made up to explain this. First, Rue has you covered- am I right? Second- I have been so flustered with ACTUAL Christmas shopping that I couldn't fathom putting together cute guides. I'll be in Boise for Christmas, so I've been ordering everything online and shipping it to my mom's house. Doesn't that sound like the easiest thing ever? WELL FOR SOME REASON IT ISN'T. It's the hardest. I take gift shopping super seriously. I put a lot of thought into what I give my loved ones, and these online shenanigans have made it somehow more stressful- and also super impersonal. Lastly, a gift guide curated by me would actually just be a long list of what I already bought people -perhaps a screenshot of the shopping carts even- and then all my friends & family would know what I purchased them. Disaster. That is a really long intro to this post, so let's move on.

I didn't want to leave you high & dry with no thoughts or shopping ideas. SO, here is my thought for the best gift ever. 

So many people [myself included] do their reading on iPads, Nooks, Kindles... other technological devices I probably don't even know exist. But that doesn't resolve the need for coffee table books. There is something so beautiful about having a hardcover book that you can hold in your hands. Glossy pages filled with beautiful fashion/design/photography are irreplaceable. Above is my humble collection. Those books don't just sit there- they totally inspire me more than Pinterest ever could. Whether it is fashion, art, or personal development- everyone needs a little library.

So, if you have someone on your list that you still don't have a present for, a book like this [catered to their own interests, obviously] might be the ticket. Below, you can shop my library... and I was nice and took the liberty of adding a few that everyone is talking about.... which means they're incredible and we ALL need to get our hands on a copy. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Instagram Jam.

It has been awhile since I've done an Instagram Recap. Here are some of my favorite snapshots from the past few months. If you're not already, follow along for all of the fun! 

A favorite corner of Kelley Moore's SF home. 

A cute painting on the wall at Nest

I decided that this skirt was out of my budget... but for *some reason* I saved my Sophomore Homecoming dress all of these years. It totally fulfills my tutu dreams! 

Audrey makes an appearance in our living room.

I think I can get used to California Christmas! 

This has quickly become an absolute LIFESAVER. It is a battery extender for my iPhone. I keep it in my purse and if I get below 10%... I can recharge it anywhere. Life. Saver. 

Leo photobombing my outfit shot. Wearing a vintage dress, Gap tights, and Hive & Honey boots.

My three favorite holiday films!! What are yours?

A little burst of color in our dark grey dining room.

Leo photobombing again. He matches my boots! Wearing J.Crew cardigan, Zara top, Hudson jeans, and Kelsi Dagger boots. 

All of the SF Rue gals together! Crystal, Kat, & Maia

Ice skating at Union Square with Tina

I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I am headed out to meet some lovely ladies for a wine-night, and as usual... am running late. See you tomorrow!

PS... for those interested, my brother Jake was featured in the latest episode of American Hipster Presents. Watch it!!