Thursday, January 31, 2013

HELLO, Rue Daily!!

[photography by Jennifer Martine]

I cannot believe I waited like three days to spill the beans on Rue Daily. I guess I assumed you would all just know [and I'm hoping most of you did!!] and already be enjoying it. Let me fill you in on your new best friend, Rue Daily

Rue has always been my favorite digital magazine- gorgeous pages full of inspiration. Don't you worry, the magazine itself isn't going away. In fact, one will be out next Tuesday with a very special feature I can't wait to share!! But, it has been clear readers wanted more Rue. A daily-content site [meaning new articles each and every weekday] was the only solution. Thus, Rue Daily was born. We've all been so busy preparing for launch... late nights and long hours, just how we like it. It went live on Tuesday morning and I must say... it's love.  What will you find on Rue Daily?

You'll still see gorgeous home tours, like this one designed by Hannah Maple.

How to make your Instagram photos WAY better

Interviews with stylish tastemakers, like Kris Schoels from the blog Young Married Chic
[photography by Trent Bailey]

Gorgeous DIYs like this feather wreath by Meg Allan Cole. 

OR, get ideas to make your dream closet a reality.

I have had so much fun helping to create some of the content on the site, and trust me when I say there are amazing things to come. Head to Rue Daily, take a look around, and make sure to subscribe! I can't wait to hear what you all think. :) 


  1. I'm so excited for this!! Also another way to procrastinate putting my laundry away, let's be real!

  2. So random that you featured Kris - I am a VT alumni and purchased her cookbook (A Taste of Virginia Tech) when it came out. Excited to see she also has a blog! Small world!

    1. I am so glad I could introduce you to her! Her blog is so great- you'll love it!

  3. Thank you for the mention! Love the blog :)

  4. So glad you love the father DIY! Wat could be better than a dose of Rue every day? xo, Meg Allan Cole

  5. Replies
    1. HAHA i read so quickly I didn't even notice! :)


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