Monday, January 7, 2013

I Heart SF.

As you may have gathered from Instagram or Twitter, my dad & stepmom have been in SF the past couple of days. I love when we have visitors [are you reading this, Amanda??] because it gives us a chance to go back to some of our favorite spots that we don't frequent everyday. Last night, we took them up to Twin Peaks- a famous SF lookout. I know what you're thinking... WHOA KELLI... you get a major double chin when you laugh! Okay, maybe you were being nice and weren't thinking that. But you know, I try to keep it real on this blog and what is more real than a photo of me mid-belly laugh?! And fact of the matter is, I belly laugh a LOT. Besides, there is just no point in having a blog if you don't embarrass yourself from time to time. So those photos are ME, 100% happy, taking in the city I love so dearly. 

It is so darn cold at Twin Peaks that I threw on my go-to LC sweater. It is pretty delightful, and while I regret to inform you it is sold out at Kohl's, you can find it on eBay with a little searching willpower. 

Hope you have great Monday- and thanks for reading!!


  1. I must have this LC sweater!! So sad it's sold out at Kohl's. We just got a new Kohl's where I live, but I haven't paid a visit yet. This post reminded me that I need to do that soon. :)

  2. Love the picture you got overlooking SF. I will be there next week for the Fancy Food Show. Staying in Union Square. Very excited.
    I had been eyeing that sweater and drug my feet, so long sweater chance.

  3. Love the sweater and beautiful pics
    Hope you can check out my latest post on my blog

  4. I love the city! I don't get to come up there nearly as often as I would like though. Love the sweater!

    Emily Beth @ Inspired Attire

  5. beautiful shots! AND I have a "double chin" too =D har har!

  6. What a cute sweater! And your pictures are gorgeous...I am so jealous you live in San Francisco, I've never been, but I have a feeling I would absolutely love it there.


  7. I love your sweater and I am so glad you are loving SF. I hope to live there one day!!

    xo, Amy

  8. You are absolutely gorgeous girl!! Loving your outfit! And SF is one of my favorite cities!!!!
    xo TJ

  9. I'm so glad you're having a lovely time.
    You're so stunning!
    Have a wonderful week :)

    The Lovelorn

  10. i want that adorable sweater and the city lights!


    also dear i am having an ily couture bracelet giveaway on my blog and i would love you came and checked it out!

  11. Cute blog - So glad I found you!
    Now following :)
    ♥ xoxo Cori

  12. Such fun photos! I must visit SF soon! Love that sweater!


  13. Bummer that sweater is sold out! It is soooo adorable!


Thank you for reading! xoKelli