Thursday, January 10, 2013


 faux fur scarf Target // denim top Old Navy // necklace Forever21, similar // tee Urban Outfitters // pants H&M // boots Rocket Dog // coat Vintage

You know how on my Christmas Eve post, I admitted to changing out of that outfit into something more comfortable? Well this one had the opposite problem. I wore it Saturday... but it started raining so we didn't snap any pictures because we had to sprint home sans umbrellas. But, I loved this outfit SO MUCH that I wore it again on Sunday so we could photograph it. Gross, huh?? Oh well. It happens. 

Here's a fun fact about me: I am vehemently opposed to the use of the word "oxblood" to describe burgundy. I wouldn't say it makes me rage, but I honestly think it is a dumb word to describe it. How about calling it Malbec?? It is my favorite kind of wine right now, and I've had a few glasses over the past week, so it is fresh on the brain. My pants + scarf are definitely Malbec. Right? Let's make it happen before Emerald steals the show for 2013. 

Lastly, how do we all feel about the faux fur scarf? I have been DYING for a colored fur since I saw Alicia look so darling in this post. Dying. So when I found this at Target [psst... for only $10!!!], I had to scoop it up. Pairing it with my malbec pants from H&M made for an outfit worthy of a repeat. Shoot, I'll probably wear it all this weekend too! 


  1. Definitely worth repeating! I love your scarf and pant!!

  2. Love this whole look! And you have absolutely gorgeous hair BTW.


  3. I totally agree about the word "oxblood," sounds like a slaughter house! And I am also not a huge fan of emerald, but I bet it will end up growing on me like every other trend out there. Love the outfit.

  4. Cute outfit combo. I would never think of that. You certainly pull it off. I almost bought those pants from H&M and I am lovin that necklace.

    1. Oh, and all I have to said about your oxblood thoughts is...ditto.
      Malbec it is.

  5. Obsessed - and thinking I'm going to steal this look for tomorrow! I have a similar scarf in Malbec that I picked up from Forever 21 last year! :) ANd not gross at of a 'fashion' blogger ha

  6. I completely agree with you on the "Oxblood." What a gross way to describe a color, Malbec is much better! And I don't think it's gross you wore this twice at all. It's so lovely, definitely worth the repeat. You look beautiful:) xo

  7. lol I love the title of this post.

  8. I refuse to call it "oxblood" too, even after I found out it wasn't referring to the blood of a large animal...I was calling it Burgundy, but I like your idea even better!

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  10. That coat is amazing! What a perfect find.... AND the scarf looks like it belongs with that coat.


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