Friday, January 18, 2013

OMG shoes.

As most of you saw, I was featured on A Bit of Sass earlier this week. I talked about one of my favorite topics, SHOES. In my interview, I mentioned that shoes are a staple in your wardrobe. They are the finishing touch to any & every outfit, and they last seasons longer than anything else you could buy. Because of this longevity, I hadn't really purchased new shoes for awhile. I take good care of my shoes so I had held onto the same pairs for years. Since moving to SF, I've slowly gotten rid of the ones that are too worn out to go on and replaced them with stylish + functional favorites. Here are my shoe-purchases from the past few months:

Hunter Boots... finally. 

Nothing too fancy or expensive, of course. Just a few new additions over the past few months to get that skip back in my step. It is also important to note that I have been pining over Hunter Boots for almost a year. I had some Christmas money, so I finally bit the bullet and bought them. And then SF promptly stopped raining. Probably forever. As in, I don't think it will ever rain again. 

Story of my life. 


  1. Love all these, especially the leopard booties!


  2. I love all of those new shoes! The leopard booties are amazing!

  3. haha don't you just hate that! I've wanted to Hunter boots for a while now too but in Socal there are very few days out of the year I'd probably get to pull them out!

  4. Love the studded flats! Too cute!


  5. I really want the Hunter Boots and leopard booties. Both have been on my "to buy" list for a while now!!

    xo Michelle

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  6. I love my hunter boots, I hope there's a huge downpour so you can get out and jump in puddles in yours! And those leopard booties are too cute! Have you heard of Protect Your Pumps? They are a fabulous way of protecting your shoes, I swear by them xoxox

  7. Those booties are SO cute!
    xo Josie

  8. Hi Kelli! Shoes! What's not to love?? Though apparently I am very hard on shoes. I can't seem to get most pairs to last more than a season. Could you share any of your shoe care tips?

    Thanks for such a fun blog!
    xx Shannon


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