Friday, January 18, 2013


I am pretty, pretty excited to spill the beans on this new company called Popbasic. You know how companies like Birchbox let you get a little goody-box of beauty treats each month? Popbasic is doing that with clothing, except you don't have to subscribe... you can just shop! Sign up and each month, you can order three fashion items [like that cute polka dot shirt + the necklaces] PLUS one beauty surprise. I love this idea! I created a few styling ideas around their first micro-collection:

I am normally pretty opposed to overalls. But paired with casual flats and that cute blouse layered underneath? Suddenly they're on my wish list WHICH is weird of me, but yeah. I'd wear overalls. 

I love that this first collection includes TWO statement necklaces. I was inspired by the yellow + gold  below: 
Another nice thing is that if you're not feeling all three items, you can order individually. AND, there is free shipping worldwide. I wish I had thought of this! ANYWHO... thanks for letting me create some cute outfits, Popbasic! And ladies... go check out the site here & sign up for the mailing list so you don't miss out on the launch! 


  1. Love the shoes and jewelry! Not quite sure about the overalls though, but you had a good idea about layering! I'm going to check this out! Take care!


  2. I adore your blog name! I'm so happy I chanced upon it. And like you I simply cannot wait for the Popbasic launch. I've already dreamed up all the different ways I'd wear that polka dot blouse! Looking forward to having more of a browse through your blog xoxox


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