Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Road Tripper.

As I mentioned yesterday, we went on a little road trip to Mercey Hot Springs over the weekend. Escaping the city on weekend getaways is one of our favorite activities- we try to go somewhere new every few months. Since adventures often require luggage, I tote along my FAVORITE overnighter and accessories- a monogrammed Jon Hart travel set. My Uncle Doug and his wife Amy gave me the set as a college graduation gift, and I have gotten SO much use out of it. Pictured below are the Burleson Bag and the Makeup Case [other favorites I have are the jewelry organizer and the Petite Left Bank Tote]. Even Leonard loves them: 

Jon Hart Design is based in San Antonio [where my uncle and his family lives], and is all handmade... so this luggage set will last me forever. PLUS... one of my absolute favorite bloggers, The Glamourai, has been toting hers around quite a bit lately. AKA I feel really cool to have the same thing she does. Just being really honest.

When I'm going to be stuck in the car for a few hours, I like to wear something that is cozy and comfortable, but also not humiliating when it comes time to check in at the hotel. Leggings, though they aren't technically supposed to be pants, are the best solution. I also stole one of Tim's denim shirts, he said it was ok:

top stolen from Tim's closet, vintage // leggings C&C // sneakers Superga // sunnies Nordstrom 

Basically, this outfit is the best thing ever. I wish I owned 100 pairs of leggings and 100 mens denim shirts and just wore variations of it non stop. OKAY, okay... full disclosure. I'm definitely wearing a variation of it right now. Happy Tuesday!!


  1. You have convinced me, I need those shoes.

  2. I'm a new reader/follower and I must say I love your blog so far! This outfit is my weekend wear every weekend -- including my favorite Superga sneaks.

    The Wearist

  3. You definitely got that whole "variation" thing right! I'm pretty sure leggings and a chambray is basically all I wear. You can never have too many denim shirts!

  4. I love the comfy outfit, you sound like me--I live in leggings as much as possible! That luggage is so pretty & your kitty cats adorable!

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  5. I want everything of mine to be monogrammed. I love this luggage set. It's so beautiful and will definitely last you forever.

  6. Agreed about the "road trip" outfit. I have an oversized dolman sweater (which my fiance not-so-affectionately calls my "flying squirrel sweater") that is perfect to wear over leggings when I know I'm going to be stuck in the car! Even more the case especially if it involves SF traffic!


  7. I agree with you. Leggings and denim is where it's at when it comes to travel! Love your monogrammed luggage, but not as much as I love your little fur friend. Too cute:)


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