Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Wish List.

sweater // tee // denim // flats // bag // sunnies // coat 

Typically when I do a Wednesday Wish List, I have some sort of theme. That isn't technically the case today. Instead, I started pulling items I wanted and BAM... suddenly I'd created my perfect outfit. I have been craving each and every one of these pieces for weeks now. Stripes, graphic tees, distressed denim, mixed textures, and of course... those darn Charlotte Olympia kitten flats that I'll literally never own [because they're around $700 and also they're cats].  But- I'll keep wishing for them until the trend has passed or I no longer like cats, whichever comes first. [I'll always like cats, so...]

As I mentioned on Friday, our styles are always naturally evolving. My ideal style has slowly progressed towards a closet that is 100% mix + match. The question, of course... is what happens when you get so many similar pieces that it looks like you wear the same outfit every day?? Is that a thing? I worry that I'll eventually become the girl who is ALWAYS in a grey tee/denim combo of some sort and people will think I don't do laundry. Even if my irrational fear comes true, I think it is probably still okay. We're all allowed to have our uniforms... and I just can't help that I'm super obsessed with mine. 

**ALSO... I'm excited to say I'm featured on one of my favorite blogs today. Go see my Shoe Stories at A Bit of Sass!** 


  1. I love this whole look! Those shoes make me smile.

  2. I LOVE that t shirt & jacket!

  3. Super cute wish list, I want it all too:) So happy to have you on my blog today!

  4. Those flats are adorable! Great wishlist! I think I'm wishing for it now too:)

  5. I adore this whole entire look!


  6. You have excellent taste. :) those flats and that jacket have totally caught my eye! Nice to meet another native Idaho girl! (I found you through Aunie's blog today)

  7. Hey Kelli! Loved your guest post on A Bit of Sass so stopped by to say hello! Your shoe collection is to die for :)

  8. Cute picks! Loving the sweater and the kitty flats!

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  9. Those jeans are absolutely adorable!
    xo Josie

  10. That sweater looks so cozy and made to get me through winter!


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