Thursday, January 17, 2013


tunic Forever21 // cardigan Old Navy // denim AG // sneakers Superga // sunnies Nordstrom

This last weekend, one of my very best friends [Amanda] and her boyfriend Matt came to visit from Boise. We had such an amazing time showing them all of our favorite spots [Nopalito, Hobson's Choice, Straw, The Republic... to name a few]. I adore having visitors, it always reaffirms my love affair with this amazing city. I know I sound like a broken record when I say things like that, but seriously. San Francisco is an amazing place.

We spent most of Sunday in and out of sports bars, you know... football season or whatever. I went for sneakers [SHOCKER] and a leopard cardigan that had been buried in the back of my closet. After one game, and en route to the next, I coerced Amanda to snap a few outfit shots. Of course, with such a good friend in charge of the camera... it is hard to stay serious. So you know, I had a ridiculous set of poses. 

Also, the boys got a little frustrated with how long it was taking... so I incorporated them into the shoot. That is what you get for complaining, fellas! I wasn't planning on using these photos, but I think they're so funny that I just had to:

We ended the weekend on our rooftop with some good music. I ventured off the deck to get a photo, and was again... reminded why I love this city so much. Of course, directly after... the upstairs neighbor came up and told me to stop stomping around. You win some, you lose some.


  1. The perfect casual sunday look. That sweater really makes this look. Super cute.

  2. Cute photos! Loving your cardi! Sounds like a fun weekend!

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  3. I hope to visit San Fran when I get back to Cali - still can't believe I haven't.

    Totally loving the turquoise with the leopard - perfect pop of colour with the print!

  4. Those last shots are hysterical -- I love your bright sneakers!
    xo Josie

  5. Ah I miss San Francisco so much!! Hilarious photos with the guys in the background but I seriously love the outfit :) And totally jealous of that view!

  6. Haha love these photo's, and I love that your boyfriend is holding your purse :)

  7. Pretty much obsessed with that cardi, how is that Old Navy!?!

  8. love the cardigan! such a gorgeous look Xo Megan,


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