Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WWL: Backpacks??

When the year changed from '99 to '00, I was certain my days of toting a backpack were over. However, a wish that should have died alongside Y2K rumors has resurfaced. I want a backpack. 
You may be asking "Kelli, did you forget to eat breakfast today?" or "Are you feeling alright?" Truth be told, I feel great. And I really, really want a backpack. 

Before I moved here, Tim and I sat at a corner coffee shop not too far from our place now. He drew while I sipped my chai and watched people go past the big windows. In a moment of [what I now see as] fear, I told Tim I was NOT going to change the way I dressed once I moved. Every girl that walked past was dressed much, much edgier than I- who sat in a sparkly rhinestone necklace and striped silk blouse. I couldn't fathom losing my signature style or GASP... dressing like a dirty boy. Tim laughed and told me I would eventually change my style to something more functional... that flimsy ballet flats and a huge, heavy tote would not be logical for all the walking I would do. I may not have consciously rolled my eyes, but oh... they rolled. 

Tim, I am sorry. You were SO right. I have immediately bought more sneakers, and beanies, and cross body bags. And yet, it still isn't enough. I DO walk, like basically everywhere. I walk miles a day. And even that cross body bag isn't enough. When I am hauling my laptop + notebooks + camera + an additional outfit in case the weird weather changes, my shoulder starts to hurt and sigh... I need a backpack. With many thanks to shops like Madewell and ASOS, I can pick a one that isn't dorky and will mesh with my everyday style. First and foremost, let's all hope TODAY be the day that Tim doesn't read the blog... and SECOND, which bag should I choose?!

Buy Backpacks: 1 // 2 // 3 //


  1. 2 or 4! I'm loving the mint craze lately, but cognac never goes out of style!

  2. Aint no shame in a backpack! Especially any of these guys! LOVE mint, but love a more unexpected shape like 1 or 3.

  3. Haha I just bought a camo back pack at target the other day and thought I was crazy. I'm glad someone else is loving back packs!! :) ps check out targets they have a bunch on clearance :)

  4. I've been wanting a backpack for so long actually! I love any of the leather ones :)

    Alexandra xo

  5. A backpack is so needed for all my school books and laptop...these options are amazingly lovely!

  6. Hahah love this! Super cute backpacks! In love with #2!! So chic!


  7. Don't think of it as change, think of it as evolution!
    3 is the least backpacky (a real word, btw)... and might help you ease into the backpack territory. Though the mint one does have a certain Kelli element to it...

  8. I have been feeling the backpack urge since last year... I would say number 1 for the win, I have been eyeing up people wearing it with jealousy and I recently found a similar and much cheaper version in the men's section of H&M. :)


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