Thursday, February 28, 2013


bedding c/o Crane & Canopy // euro pillows West Elm // throw pillow West Elm [no longer available] // throw Nate Berkus for Linens N Things // rug Crate & Barrel // skull DIY // cat Roxanne

Welcome to our bedroom! [That's something I never thought I'd say to strangers on the Internet.] First and foremost, I must say- we are OB-SESSED with this Crane & Canopy bedding. To be perfectly honest- we used to have bedding that looked nearly identical from a different retailer and it was a huge disaster. The stitching would rip, the buttons broke off, and when we washed it- the material faded and became really rough. I was super frustrated because it wasn't a cheap purchase, either. When the cute package from Crane & Canopy finally arrived- I about died. The material is SO soft and luxurious and makes getting out of bed REALLY difficult. We haven't had any problems with tearing, and there is a zipper closure at the bottom- so the duvet doesn't get all bunchy. In a word, it's heavenly. I cannot recommend it enough. 

Since I have a fairly shallow lens on my camera, I wasn't able to photograph the room in its entirety. BUT, here's the bedding which is the most important part. Also, I'm not skilled enough with the camera to show you that the white curtains in the background are actually polka dotted. THEY'RE THE BEST. 

We're putting the finishing touches on the place. In the coming weeks, I'll finally be sharing not only the rest of the bedroom, but the rest of the apartment. Except for our bathroom, because it is 100 years old and cannot be helped. 

Don't forget to enter the DITTO giveaway from yesterday! You have until March 6. Happy almost-Friday!


  1. I love the neutral elegance of the room. Good job Kelli!

  2. a cat on the bed is always the perfect accent to bedroom decor :)

  3. I LOVE that bedding. What a pretty design and such a great color!
    xo Josie

  4. Super cute bedding! Can't wait to see the rest of the room!

  5. Gorgeous and it looks comfy-cozy too! I think the best part is the little snuggle buddy on the bed though;) Mine is sitting on my lap as I type right now; gotta love those tabby cats.

  6. That bedding is beautiful!! I'm already signed up for their newsletter:) We are in dire need of new bedding!

  7. The bedding is just gorgeous, as is your cat!


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